Effective ways to market a cryptocurrency start up


Date: 22 November 2021

Increases in the value of cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more prevalent with every passing day as major companies and organisations continue to extend their support to the new currencies. The likes of PayPal and Tesla have helped in raising crypto's global popularity in recent years. This has prompted several crypto and blockchain start ups to make their way into the market and they are excelling with valuations reaching millions and even billions of dollars.

However, this has increased competition in the market. It has forced companies to think of more innovative ways to market themselves to the masses. This is why they are focusing on developing and implementing customised marketing strategies to propel the growth of their company.

A crypto marketing agency can help a start up through their advertising and marketing expertise to come up with more innovative strategies. A number of marketing strategies have delivered good results for many cryptocurrency projects. We take a look at some of them below.

Websites and social media platforms

Websites are crucial for all businesses and organisations these days. It is a more formal and official way of attracting investors, clients, and customers. Therefore, a website with an attractive UX design is important for a cryptocurrency start up. For a start, it will create a good first impression. New start ups can take a look at designs from existing, top-ranking companies to get a better idea of what they should be aiming for in terms of design and usability.

Moreover, social media platforms are also critically important for a new crypto start up. They should be able to run successful campaigns on different platforms, like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Tik Tok, and Instagram. There's an active crypto community on most of these platforms so an effective campaign could lead to more traction for the emerging project.

Also, influencer and content marketing across the various social media platforms can help the project to engage with its target audience and update them about the latest news and developments.

Networking through events, airdrops, and podcasts

Networking is a tested and proven conventional method for marketing a product, brand, or organisation. However, crypto start ups can use it in different ways. They can conduct seminars and summits for interactive sessions between investors and crypto experts. This gives them the chance to create a close-knit crypto community to engage and mix with professionals in the field.

Crypto start ups should announce and publish major events through scheduled calendar events and press releases. The dates of initial coin offerings, exchange offerings and STOs should be well-known by the consumers. Plus, they can engage the audience with reminders and then highlights of the events.

Airdrops are one of the most exciting networking and marketing tools that can be used by cryptocurrency start ups. New start ups are expected to send free coins and tokens to the crypto wallets of those individuals who signed up for the airdrop.

Who does not love free coins or tokens? This is why airdrops are used to build hype around the project or the coin, giving it a chance to grow. Platforms like Telegram and Discord can be used to facilitate these airdrops.

Podcasts can also boost a start up's marketing strategy. They can help the project by engaging with a wider audience while giving the company a chance to educate consumers and raise more awareness about its project.

Affiliate and email marketing

Crypto start ups can also use impactful tools like affiliate marketing and email marketing to market themselves. Through affiliate marketing, crypto affiliates will send more traffic to the start up's website or blog, launching a well-structured campaign for the project. Affiliate marketing also has the benefit of not being expensive, as affiliates only need a commission fee. They are then paid according to the sign ups they generate for the company. This makes it a win-win situation for both parties involved.

In addition to this, email marketing can also be used to market new projects. Users that sign up for emails could be updated through regular emails. News updates, launches, events, and other such developments could be communicated to the project's audience via email. When the list of email subscribers increases, crypto startups can also hire an email marketing expert to launch a more influential campaign.

These marketing strategies are believed to perform exceptionally well for new crypto start ups. However, every strategy will differ according to the goals and roadmaps of the project.

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