Sales strategy

Selling is one of the most difficult tasks for small business owners. A sales strategy will focus your attention and help you seize opportunities.

Sales strategy - overview

A good sales strategy will help you identify prospects, manage relationships and convert leads to sales. The basic things you need to know.

Woman wearing a disguise next to a clothes rail trying to overcome buyers' fears

How to overcome buyers' fears

The buying process is hindered by fears and doubts. It’s up to the salesperson to allay the buyer’s fears. Grant Leboff explains how you can do it.

Small business team discussing sales strategy and sales forecast

Your sales strategy

How to make a sales strategy to help you sell more, including sales forecasting, sales tools, selling technique and targeting customers.

A barometer showing rain

Create an effective sales forecast

Sales forecasting is essential for short and medium-term business planning. An accurate forecast can help you manage your cashflow.