Sales strategy

Every business needs a sales strategy. Read our guides to find out how to increase sales in your business

Sales strategy - overview

A good sales strategy will help you identify prospects, manage relationships and convert leads to sales. The basic things you need to know.

A sale is being promoted in the shop window

Sales promotion

Sales promotion aims to provide a short-term boost to sales. While a price cut is one option, we look at alternatives that are more cost-effective.

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Why you must follow up leads

Research reveals that 80% of non-routine sales only occur after at least five follow-ups, so the 8% who persevere will succeed.

A team working on their sales forecasts

Create an effective sales forecast

Sales forecasting is essential for short and medium-term business planning. An accurate forecast can help you manage your cashflow.

A small retailer attracts more sales by offering rack of clothes in a sales promotion on a rack of clothes.

Sales promotions FAQs

Sales promotion is a method of increasing sales over the short term: usually a special offer which is available for a limited period only. 10 FAQs.

A businessman on a sales trip

Sales tools and technology

Customer data management and mobile tech are vital in today's sales landscape. Our guide to the basic tools available to improve sales success.