Market research

Market research exists to guide your business decisions by giving you insight into your market, competitors, products, marketing and your customers.

Market research - overview

Get the basics right - our quick guide to the main types of market research and how to get the information you need no matter what your budget.

New product research - overview

Product research is a vital part of developing new products, helping you avoid expensive mistakes. Our overview of what you need to know.

Market analysis - overview

Start here for our quick guide to how to analyse and understand data on your market, customers, competitors, trends and opportunities.

Benchmarking - overview

Benchmarking can help you assess the success of your business strategy and methods. What you need to know to get started.

Sector trends - overview

What particular trends are affecting specific types of business (such as a hotel, or a printer, or a taxi firm)? This overview gives five examples of how seemingly small changes can have a major impact on a sector for years to come.

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Essential guide to benchmarking

Even small businesses can benefit from benchmarking - to check how you're doing against your competitors and identify ways to improve. Our guide.

Market research for small businesses

Essential guide to market research

The essential guide to market research for small businesses, covering desk research, field research, qualitative research and quantitative research

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Market research FAQs

Use these handy FAQs to plan your market research, from research methods and costs to finding an agency who understands your needs.

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How can market research help me?

Market research can help you to identify your target consumer, find out what they think about your ideas and help you target the right market.

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What is qualitative research?

Qualitative research is about finding out not just what people think but why they think it, as well as their motivations and feelings.

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How to conduct DIY surveys online

For anyone carrying out their own market research online there are a number of pitfalls to watch out for. This article offers some in-depth guidance.

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Q&A: Marketing plans

Writing a marketing plan may seem unnecessary for a start-up, but in fact it's a vital tool that can help you focus your marketing activities.

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Keeping your eyes on the competition

Businesses need to spend more time watching their backs and looking at what their competitors are up to, according to our market research expert.

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New product development FAQs

Apart from a good idea, what do you need for successful development of a new product? These FAQs talk through the process from strategy to prototype.

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Why you must test for success

When it comes to product development, you cannot afford to get too personal. To give it the best chance in the market, you need an objective view.