Learn how to write effective press releases, reach out to journalists and get favourable media coverage for your business.

PR - overview

How to get favourable coverage in the media by creating PR opportunities and writing effective press releases as well as managing bad publicity.

Man in a shirt holding his glasses up while looking at his laptop after receiving bad publicity

How to handle bad publicity FAQs

Seven FAQs explaining how to handle bad publicity in the press and on social media, and what to do if competitors spread rumours about your business


How to shine in local radio interviews

If you’ve got something to say then it’s well worth approaching your local radio station to see if they would like you to come in and do an interview.

Writing a compelling press release

How to write a press release FAQs

12 FAQs explaining how to write a press release that meets your objectives and stands out because of its headline, picture and quotes

Public relations (PR) and press coverage

What is PR?

A guide to public relations (PR) – how to get endorsements for your brand from journalists, influencers and customers

Business owner working on PR strategy and reading business news in newspaper

Effective PR FAQs

What can PR do for your small business? How to use PR effectively, get positive media coverage and promote your business in the press.[

A press photographer is taking pictures of a small business for the local media

How to create press and media coverage

Discover the four key ways that you can get press and media coverage - PR is a great way for small businesses to raise their profile and get noticed.

PR professional holds up block with words PR and Public Relations on it.[

Essential guide to effective PR

Public relations (PR) builds brand awareness, enhances your reputation, creates publicity and brings in new customers.

Multitasking doing the crossword and being on the phone

Planning your PR - checklist

PR activities can help spread the word about your business for little money. This checklist explains how to promote your business through the press.

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