Understanding your customers

Great customer care involves getting to know your customers so well that you can anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations.

Man in suit reaching out to build rapport with a customer

Building rapport with your customers

Customer-facing functions need to get to know customers on a one-to-one basis, so they can anticipate customers' requirements and exceed expectations.

A woman showing a thumbs up

Checklist for customer satisfaction

Retaining customers is cheaper than finding new ones. Customers become repeat purchasers because they like your product and appreciate your service.

A smilng shop assistant packs a customer's purchases

Creating a customer-focused culture

Customer focus is essential to success in business. Expert Andrew McMillan explains how to place customers at the centre of your business culture.

A trendy and welcoming staff breakout space

Customer service lessons for retailers

It can be tough for small retailers on the high street. Customers are looking for bargains and retailers need to respond to changing customer needs.

Cafe owner talks to her customer

Know your customers better

Creating a loyal band of customers through good service is a great achievement, but you've got to keep working at your relationship. Find out how.

A queue of potential different customers

Why it pays to profile your customers

Understanding your customers is the secret of successful selling. The more you know about them, the easier it can be to increase their spending.

A businessman waits in the reception of a big client

Working with a big client

If you rely on one big customer for much of your trade, it is critical to build on the relationship to retain their business and win future sales.