Questionnaires, surveys and focus groups

How market research questionnaires, surveys and focus groups can be powerful tools for improving your understanding of your market and customers.

Surveys, polls and quantitative research

What is quantitative research?

Quantatitive research is about using polls, surveys and questionnaires to gauge customer opinion and gather feedback on your brand

A marketing team analyse the lastest qualitative market research results

What is qualitative research?

Qualitative research is about finding out not just what people think but why they think it, as well as their motivations and feelings.

Woman sat at computer with word 'Survey' on the screen

How to conduct DIY surveys online

For anyone carrying out their own market research online there are a number of pitfalls to watch out for. This article offers some in-depth guidance.

A man sitting in front of a computer looking at consumer panels online

How to use online consumer panels

If you think that market research has to be expensive, think again. Small firms can now do market research online without spending a fortune.