PR and promotion

If you don't promote your business, potential customers will never know you exist or discover what you have to offer.

PR can be especially cost-effective for small businesses. However, you also need to act quickly to manage any bad press. Discover how you can get media coverage online and via the local press. WE also share tips and advice and how you can promote your business at exhibitions, trade fairs and networking events. 

PR and promotion - overview

How to promote your business at exhibitions, trade fairs and networking events and use PR to get great media coverage.

PR - overview

How to get favourable coverage in the media by creating PR opportunities and writing effective press releases as well as managing bad publicity.

Exhibitions - overview

How to use business exhibitions, consumer shows and trade fairs to meet customers face-to-face, promote your business and sell products and services.

Networking - overview

How to improve your networking skills, make new contacts, promote your business in person and create word-of-mouth recommendations.

Business owner working on PR strategy and reading business news in newspaper

Effective PR FAQs

What can PR do for your small business? How to use PR effectively, get positive media coverage and promote your business in the press.[

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