Marketing strategy

Online marketing

Your email marketing campaign checklist


Your email marketing campaign checklist

Emails are a popular marketing method. As the costs are low, they’re simple to set up and it’s relatively easy to track responses and measure success.

Social media

Media advertising

Customer care


Preparing your sales pitch - checklist


Preparing your sales pitch - checklist

Selling can be intimidating, but our useful checklist will help your prepare a sales pitch that will persuade the customer, overcome objections and close the sale.

Market research

Direct marketing

Two men holding a clipboard in a print shop


Buying print FAQs

Frequently asked questions about buying print, the design process, photography, keeping prices down and what to do if you're not satisfied.

Exhibitions and events


Woman in a suit handling a complaint from a man and a woman


Golden rules of complaints handling

Although no one likes receiving a complaint, they provide an opportunity to identify and rectify problems with your current systems or product.