Marketing strategy

How to attract more local customers


How to attract more local customers

Technology is allowing business marketing to be increasingly localised. Find out how you can use technology to attract local customers.

Online marketing

Your email marketing campaign checklist


Your email marketing campaign checklist

Emails are a popular marketing method. As the costs are low, they’re simple to set up and it’s relatively easy to track responses and measure success.

Social media

Media advertising

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Advertising on a budget - checklist

Don't blow your advertising budget on an expensive radio advert which goes out at 3am. Save money by investing in low-cost advertising options.

Customer care


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Telephone marketing

Many businesses use telephone marketing to communicate with customers. Any firm that sells direct usually handles enquiries and orders over the phone.

Market research

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Checklist for customer satisfaction

Retaining customers is cheaper than finding new ones. Customers become repeat purchasers because they like your product and appreciate your service.

Direct marketing

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The art of customer segmentation

Not all customers are the same. So stop taking a one-size-fits-all approach to your marketing and start segmenting your customers.

Exhibitions and events

'Do' and 'Don't' written in a notepad with light bulbs surrounding it


Dos and don'ts when exhibiting

There are some definite dos and don'ts when it comes to exhibiting at a business exhibition, trade event or consumer show - follow these expert tips to make the most of your investment.


Woman in a suit handling a complaint from a man and a woman


Golden rules of complaints handling

Although no one likes receiving a complaint, they provide an opportunity to identify and rectify problems with your current systems or product.