Is a basic website good enough for your small business?


Date: 14 March 2024

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Many small business owners are tempted to quickly throw together a basic website using a site builder like Wix. It seems like an easy, low-cost way to establish an online presence. But, is a basic DIY website really good enough to represent your business online? In most cases, the answer is no. Here's why it's best to invest in a custom-designed site or hire a professional firm.

Lack of customisation

The main issue with websites built using a website-building platform is how generic they look. You choose a template, add some text and photos, and that's it. There's usually a limited range of customisation options - such as colours, fonts, and layouts. Your site could end up looking just like countless other businesses that also use the same template. This might make it difficult to stand out in the crowd. With a custom site designed specifically for your brand, you can precisely shape the look, feel, and user experience.

Limited functionality

Some basic site builders lack the full range of functionality. They often offer simple drag-and-drop modules for things like photo galleries, contact forms, menus, etc. If you have specific needs, for example, around taking online payments, managing appointments, integrating with accounting software, or other advanced features, a basic builder site might leave you frustrated. A professional web development firm can build these functions into your custom site or integrate advanced third-party apps.

Poor mobile experience

Today's web traffic is overwhelmingly mobile. Your site must provide users with an excellent experience on phones and tablets. It should be just as usable via smartphone as on a desktop. Basic sites are often clunky and difficult to navigate on a mobile device. Content layout may be disrupted, forcing awkward horizontal scrolling or resulting in tiny text. Custom mobile sites intelligently adapt screen layouts to suit mobile users and their devices.

Difficult to update and expand

Websites that have been built using a website-building platform can be more difficult to update if you want to make substantive changes or additions. You will need to be reasonably confident with the workings of the platform if you want to update your web content or add new pages. For small business owners without tech skills or time, this can be a nightmare. With a professionally built site and a web manager at your service, updates happen seamlessly behind the scenes. And, as your business grows, your site can grow seamlessly with you.

Why go pro?

In today's online world, your website plays a huge part in customer's decision making and whether they take your business seriously enough to engage. Research shows 75% of users will make a decision about your credibility based on your website design alone. Can you afford to sabotage first impressions with a cookie-cutter site? Investing in professional web design pays dividends through superior visual branding, functionality, and user experience. For most small businesses today, it can be a wise move to hire a professional firm like vudu rather than settling for a basic DIY site.

The bottom line

Building a simple website using a website-building platform has appeal – it can be quick, easy and low-cost. But, these basic sites can lack the polish, features, mobile readiness, and customisation to properly represent a business online. For long-term success, it can be a smarter investment to hire a professional designer/developer or use the services of an expert web agency to build your online presence. Don't let a generic site undermine your brand and growth potential when a custom website can be tailored to align with your identity and goals.

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