Your marketing plan

How to write a marketing plan that will help you hit your sales targets and grow your business.

Your marketing plan - overview

How to make an effective marketing plan for your small business, including choosing the marketing mix, setting objectives and tracking results.

Young marketing team creating their marketing plan in a rustic office

Marketing plan template

Use our free marketing plan template to create a detailed marketing plan to help identify key marketing activities for your small business.

Business owner planning business improvements with her team

Ten ways to improve your offer

Ten ways to improve your offer: ideas and tips for making changes in your business that will drive sales and boost customer loyalty.[

Small business team making a marketing plan

Planning your marketing FAQs

Profitable marketing for small businesses means identifying gaps in the market missed by mass providers. These FAQs can help you get it right.

Female business owners promoting a new offer to customers

Ten ways to promote a new offer

How to promote a new offer using Google My Business, social media, email, events, sales promotions, affiliate marketing and press coverage.

A toy car on top of a map

Choosing the right route to market

To maximise your chances of succeeding in business, you must focus on the most effective routes to your market. Find out how to identify them.

A female cosmetic dentist treats a patient

How to market a professional practice

Marketing is vital for accountants and law firms that want to bring in new business. But what are the key principles for promoting professional firms?

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