Mailings can take the form of emails, leaflet door drops or postal mailings of brochures, letters and other printed materials. Mailings can be highly targeted (to specific targets on a database) or more generic (to all the households in your local area).

Mailings can be an effective and low-cost way to raise awareness and bring in new local customers. They can also be used to stay in touch with existing customers and promote offers or share business news. Our guides will help you plan a mailing campaign, and explain how to legally build and use a mailing database and what to look for when buying a mailing list.

Mailings - overview

How to send effective marketing mailshots, direct mailings and flyers and maximise response from your target market to boost your sales.

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Marketing with your database FAQs

Small firms need to concentrate on niches that are either too small and specialised for the big boys or too new for a large firm to catch on to.

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Using direct marketing - checklist

Direct marketing lets small businesses make the most of limited resources. But a clear message and a quality mailing list is essential.

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Direct mail FAQs

FAQs about direct mail, including personalisation options, costs, mailing list and what sort of response rates you can expect from a campaign.

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What is direct marketing?

What is direct marketing?; how to get results from direct mail, leafleting, email marketing campaigns and text marketing.

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