Content marketing

For small businesses, posting useful content online offers a powerful way to engage with customers, via blogs, case studies, email and social media.

Content marketing - overview

Relevant, interesting content helps businesses to build relationships. Our guide to the benefits of content marketing and how to use it effectively.

A small business owner celebrates advertising success

11 cheap or free advertising methods

11 simple ways you can market and advertise your start up business on a tiny budget from social networking to online directories and email marketing.

A man and woman record a small business podcast

Podcasting for business

Podcasting is booming with more than 4.3 million podcasts registered already. So, should you add podcasting to your content marketing mix and, if so, how do you create a small business podcast?

A woman records her business podcast

Top five benefits of podcasting for business

Podcasting has been around for a while, but more businesses are adding a podcast to their content marketing mix. Read the top five benefits of podcasting for your business.

'IDEA' written in white text with an orange background

Great infographics made easy

Kira Lauber explains the importance of creating a narrative and using a metaphor to present complex data in a clear and attractive way.

Group of employees sat around a table reading an email newsletter on their mobile devices

Email newsletter FAQs

Covering timing, frequency and content, Tim Watson provides answers to some frequently asked questions about creating and sending email newsletters.

A freelance copywriter writing copy for a small business

How to hire a freelance copywriter

A freelance copywriter can write highly persuasive, effective copy that sells your products and services. But how do you choose the right one?

Freelance graphic designer working for a small business

How to hire a freelance designer

Hiring a freelance graphic designer can ensure that your business looks professional in its branding, in marketing materials and online; but how do you find the right designer?

Writing compelling web copy

Web copy that works

Simply having a website is rarely enough: you need to ensure the content is fresh, relevant and accurate. Find out how to produce effective web copy.

Woman's hands typing on a laptop

Write effective website copy

Your website content should do more than just present information. It needs to engage the reader, boost your rankings and reinforce your brand.