Your target market

Splitting your customers into different groups will enable you to market your products or services specifically to the most profitable to you.

Your target market - overview

Our introduction to identifying market segments, and how it can help you tailor your offer to meet their needs - helping you sell more effectively.

A local coffee shop full of local customers

How to attract more local customers

How to get more local customers using local SEO, Google Business, social media, customer reviews and networking to market your business.

"Find your niche" written on a notepad

How to set up a niche business

Many small firms offer specialist products and services aimed at niche sectors. Bruce Townsend finds out how small can be beautiful.

Happy middle class women with bags of shopping leaving a posh retail store

Marketing to older consumers

Older consumers make up a huge market - 23% of the UK's population is 60 or over - making it a sizeable and lucrative market. We look at how you can marketing your business more effectively to more mature consumers.

A group of diverse women

The truth about marketing to women

Marketing to women: how to advertise to female customers and sell to a female demographic without using clichés, stereotypes or objectification.

Cafe owner talks to her customer

Know your customers better

Creating a loyal band of customers through good service is a great achievement, but you've got to keep working at your relationship. Find out how.

Lots of segments of orange

Make customer segmentation work

Reaching potential buyers with a targeted message at the right time is key to maintain sales growth. Make sure you identify who spends what when.

A green sign against a blue sky saying 'Opportunity'

Spotting gaps in your market

Every business needs to stay fresh to be competitive. This may mean regularly refreshing your products or coming up with an entirely new offer.

A representation of how you might segment your customers into target groups

The art of customer segmentation

Not all customers are the same. So stop taking a one-size-fits-all approach to your marketing and start segmenting your customers.

A queue of potential different customers

Why it pays to profile your customers

Understanding your customers is the secret of successful selling. The more you know about them, the easier it can be to increase their spending.

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