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Develop a winning start up marketing strategy

Date: 30 June 2022


Three keys to successful marketing from the experts

Date: 28 June 2022


A customer makes a repeat purchase in one of her favourite shops

Five loyalty levers you can pull to create long-term customers

It takes hard work to win customer loyalty but you can make the process easier by pulling these five key loyalty levers.

Date: 15 June 2022 By:

Digital transformation as a concept

How digital transformation is building sustainable brands in 2022

What is digital transformation and how is it improving how companies operate and creating more sustainable brands? We look at its impact on businesses.

Date: 9 February 2022 By:

A customer makes a purchase

Leading customer acquisition strategies to try in 2022

Attracting and retaining customers is essential to a business' survival and growth. Discover customer acquisitions that you should try in 2022.

Date: 20 January 2022 By:

Woman drawing on a board with the words Attract, Convert and Retain written on it

The cornerstones of B2B customer retention

The probability of selling to an existing customer is 70%, compared to a 20% chance of selling to a new customer. Customer retention is a vital part of any business but only 18% of brands are focusing on retention. We look at the three cornerstones of B2B customer retention.

Date: 11 November 2021 By:

Call recording software records a sales rep's call.

Why having a call recording system matters

Call recording software can be an invaluable tool to keeping customers happy making it easier to retain their custom.

Date: 7 May 2021 By:

A man places five stars in a row

How to measure customer service - five key metrics

Good customer service is crucial for keeping your clients happy. Discover the key metrics you should measure to understand whether your customer service is up to scratch.

Date: 10 February 2021 By:

A customer presses a smiling a smiling emoticon on her smartphone

How customer perception can drive sales

A reputation for being professional and reliable, for quality products and offering value for money can go a long way to driving up sales.

Date: 4 February 2021 By:

An attractive woman uses her loyalty card when she goes shopping

How to implement an effective loyalty program

These days customers aren't just looking for great products or services. They also expect to be rewarded for their custom. Read this introduction to implementing a customer loyalty program.

Date: 24 July 2020 By:

Hand gives five star rating as product feedback on a tablet computer

The importance of customer experience in marketing

Giving great service isn't just good for customers, it's good for business too. Studies reveal buyers will pay more if they get a better experience.

Date: 14 July 2020 By:

A customer service assistant helps a customer

Four steps to delivering great customer service

Customer service is key if you want customers coming back for more. Learn how to deliver great customer service.

Date: 15 June 2020 By:

A take-away outlet offers a delivery service during COVID-19 crisis

COVID-19: Three essential marketing tips for dealing with the crisis

Customers are feeling worried as a result of COVID-19. It's essential you adapt your marketing to the situation. These three tips will help.

Date: 2 April 2020 By:

Happy staff work in a morally principled office and refer to the code of ethics.

Alternative ways to showcase your business ethics

To foster a purposeful, principled work environment, the onus is on you to set and maintain high ethical standards. How to demonstrate your values.

Date: 2 December 2019 By:


Why the biggest mistake you can make in B2B is assuming your customers care

B2B clients don't want to hear about your innovative solutions or excellent people. Why adopting a 'you-you-you' mindset is the only way to go.

Date: 28 May 2019 By:

Two business women analyse big data on their customers and industry, and find some surprising insights

Why big data is the ultimate resource for sales and marketing

Data is valuable for businesses - and big data could help you unlock amazing insights about customer habits, behaviour and interests. Here's how.

Date: 9 May 2019 By:

Customer care in retail

Three golden rules for customer care in retail

As any seasoned entrepreneur will tell you, customers are the lifeblood of your business. Three tips for retailers to keep them coming back.

Date: 7 January 2019 By:

The seven most distrusted professions in the UK

The seven most distrusted professions in the UK

UK consumers have misgivings about certain professions, from politicians to bankers and footballers. But could perceptions be changing for some?

Date: 26 October 2018 By:

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