Ten marketing ideas for small businesses in 2024


Date: 16 January 2024

An entrepreneur creates a video for his website

Following the New Year, new me mindset, the start of a new year is one of the most profitable times for businesses. Whether the objective is raising brand awareness, improving customer loyalty or creating conversions, many, if not all, of the strategies we are going to discuss below will help you set your business up for success in 2024.

For smaller brands with smaller budgets and workforces, some of these may seem unattainable; however, do not fret; working alongside a local digital marketing agency will ensure you can implement strategies from this list in 2024.

1: Voice search optimisation

Adapting website content for voice search optimisation will become a key strategy for small businesses in 2024. More and more users are starting to use voice-activated searches, including those on smartphones, smart speakers and virtual assistants. To conduct your own voice search optimisation, you will adapt your website content and keywords to align closer to the most popular spoken queries, including long phrases and location-specific information. If you wish to stay ahead in your competitive market and search engine algorithms, this is a strategy you need to focus on.

The benefits: improved visibility, local SEO opportunities, enhanced user experience, staying ahead of competitors and trends

2: Video content domination

This tip is based on the significant role that video content played in 2023 and will continue to play in 2024. Leveraging video content across platforms including Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and other streaming services to capture and engage audiences was a strategy used by many businesses last year, making it a dominant force for digital marketers. Your video content could include tutorials, storytelling, behind-the-scenes, and others to connect with an audience on a deeper level.

The benefits: enhanced engagement, improved SEO, better conversions and greater human connection

3: Website chatbots and AI assistants

This is the process of integrating intelligent tools into your pages to enhance the user experience on your website. Chatbots and AI assistants are automated programs designed to communicate with your users in real time, answering questions, providing information and assisting where possible, taking the responsibility away from your team. Adding an AI assistant or chatbot to your website offers 24/7 customer service, improving the accessibility and responsiveness of your business.

The benefits: 24/7 customer service, time and cost efficiency, consistency, data collection and scalability

4: User-generated content campaigns

In this type of campaign, businesses will encourage customers to create content about their products, sharing experiences and opinions. The brands can then use and re-purpose this content throughout their platforms to promote their products and build trust in the community. The content produced by customers can come in a variation of testimonials and reviews or imagery and video online.

The benefits: trust and authenticity, engagement and community, cost-effective content creation and diverse perspectives

5: Influencer partnerships

The name is a big giveaway here: influencer marketing is working with people who have influence over others. This involves collaborating with users on social media platforms with larger followings (this can be thousands - or millions of followers if you have the budget). Influencers are often seen as ‘experts’ or ‘enthusiasts’ for specific products such as hair, beauty or fashion. Getting these influencers on board as ambassadors or promoters for your products will provide you with content that reaches audiences you otherwise may not have reached.

The benefits: extended reach, credibility and trust, targeted marketing, effective content creation and enhanced engagement

6: Sustainability initiatives

This refers to the conscious efforts businesses go to to introduce environmentally and socially responsible practices into their products, services and operations. In 2024, all businesses should be going to great efforts to ensure their brand is as sustainable as possible - from suppliers and packaging to delivery and technology.

The benefits: enhanced brand reputation, attracting eco-conscious consumers, positive social impact, competitive advantage, cost savings and employee engagement

7: Interactive content

Rather than endlessly scrolling, and taking in information, users across many platforms are now looking for ways to interact with influencers and brands they follow online. Interactive content for businesses will help ensure your audiences are engaged with your content rather than missing it or scrolling straight past it. This can be produced in the form of giveaways, polls, surveys, quizzes, interactive videos and more. As a brand looking to make an impact, you should be creating social experiences for people that make you memorable, not missable!

The benefits: Enhanced engagement, data collection, personalisation and increased user retention

8: Live experiences and virtual events

On the same path to creating more memorable marketing, hosting live and virtual events for your consumers allows for real-time interactive engagement. As a business, you can choose to host product launches, pop-up stores and other intimate occasions online or in person for your followers. Creating these experiences for your consumers allows you to form connections, build loyalty and stay relevant in 2024.

The benefits: interactive engagement, global reach, memorable experiences, cost-effectiveness and analytics and insights

9: Email marketing automation

Email marketing automation is used by businesses to streamline and personalise their email campaigns automatically. It allows you to send out timely, targeted messaging depending on triggers or the behaviour of your users. This content can include welcome emails, recommendations, sale notifications and abandoned cart reminders.

The benefits: enhanced personalisation, time efficiency, behaviour-triggered messaging, consistent communication and data-driven insights

10: Shoppable social media posting

Shoppable posts provide a seamless, stress-free shopping experience for your users, enabling them to discover, click and buy without leaving the platform they initially found you on. Shoppable social media posts have recently become a game-changer for businesses and ecommerce brands, allowing them to seamlessly integrate products and product information into their everyday content.

The benefits: seamless shopping experience, increased sales, enhanced engagement, better product display and data-driven insights

To summarise

These marketing efforts are effective and adaptable no matter your industry, company size or budget. From bettering your email campaigns and improving sustainability to building greater connections with your consumers, there are many approaches small businesses can take to excel in their competitive market.

So, the question is, which of these ideas will you be implementing into your future strategies for success in 2024?

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