New product research

Product research lets you understand what customers want, allowing you to tailor your product to meet their needs and give you a competitive edge.

New product research - overview

Product research is a vital part of developing new products, helping you avoid expensive mistakes. Our overview of what you need to know.

Poeple entering data and assembling prototype

Essential guide to creating a prototype

Prototypes let you spot design flaws, get feedback from possible customers and even secure funding for your new product. How to get prototyping right.

ISO 9000

Essential guide to ISO 9000

The ISO 9000 standard series provides guidance for running a quality management system. How to introduce a quality system, and the benefits.

Yellow scrunched up pieces of paper on a white background representing lightbulbs

New product development FAQs

Apart from a good idea, what do you need for successful development of a new product? These FAQs talk through the process from strategy to prototype.

Woman's hand holding a test tube with blue liquid in

Why you must test for success

When it comes to product development, you cannot afford to get too personal. To give it the best chance in the market, you need an objective view.

Person pressing floating words ISO 9000

Preparing for ISO 9000 - checklist

The ISO 9000 family of standards helps businesses put quality management processes in place. Read our tips for getting accredited under ISO 9000.