Customer complaints

As a small business, it's up to you to initiate good communication. You can't rely on your customers to tell you what they think, or supply feedback.

Customer complaints - overview

Not every unhappy customer complains - often they just go to a competitor. Others will scream and shout. How to resolve issues and retain business.

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How to win back old customers

Keeping sales flowing is a big challenge when people are spending less. Rather than chasing new customers, it can be economical to revisit old leads.

Customer filling out customer satisfaction survey with a pen

BSI customer satisfaction standards

BSI British Standards have published two standards to help organisations improve customer satisfaction. This article explains what they cover.

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Dealing with awkward customers

Hard-to-please customers can create a dilemma for small business owners: should you bend over backwards to keep them happy or let their business go?

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Golden rules of complaints handling

Although no one likes receiving a complaint, they provide an opportunity to identify and rectify problems with your current systems or product.

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Types of complaining customers

When customers are dissatisfied with the service you're providing they fall into one of four kinds of complainers. How do you tailor your response?

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Handling customer complaints - checklist

A clear complaints-handling procedure enables you to resolve issues and maintain a positive relationship with customers. Use our checklist to better manage customers' complaints.