Learn how to develop a sales strategy for your business, improve your negotiating skills and close more deals.

Sales - overview

No business can survive without selling. Our overview of planning your sales strategy and recruiting, training and managing sales staff.

Sales strategy - overview

A good sales strategy will help you identify prospects, manage relationships and convert leads to sales. The basic things you need to know.

Getting customers - overview

Getting customers: how to prospect for business leads, encourage referrals, identify hot prospects, win back old customers and attract new ones.

Negotiating - overview

How to negotiate: selling solutions, overcoming objections and closing a sale that satisfies your customer’s needs and those of your business.

Managing sales staff - overview

How to manage sales staff to help them meet the sales objectives set out in your sales strategy by setting targets and providing support.

Pitching - overview

Making sales presentations is a key part of the selling role; here’s how to plan a presentation and deliver a compelling pitch that wins the business.

An annoyed man stands with his arms crossed

Understand body language in business

Being sensitive to the body language of prospective customers is a useful skill for salespeople if they want to capitalise on selling opportunities.