The role of brand personalities and values in TikTok Ads


Date: 7 May 2024

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Choosing the right social media platform to promote your brand is one piece of a massive puzzle, but it can make all the difference. When using a tool like TikTok, you can't just take for granted that you are hitting the right people instantly if you don't showcase authenticity, personality, or values. Brand personality and values play an essential role, so let's look at what you need to know about this all-important component and how to showcase it in your TikTok tactics.

Why are brand personalities and values important in TikTok ads?

Reflecting your brand's unique personality and values is crucial for several key reasons:

  1. Showcasing your brand's true personality helps create content that feels genuine and relatable to users, as TikTok values authenticity and creativity.
  2. TikTok prioritises light-hearted, entertaining content. Therefore, incorporating creativity, playfulness, and humour can make ads engaging and fun. Users are often drawn to raw, authentic content over overly produced ads, so staying true to your brand's voice and not relying on production values can build that essential bridge.
  3. Users connect with people, not just brands. When you choose the right person or people to represent your brand, whether it's an influencer, fan, customer, or staff member, this will help to connect with your target audience.
  4. Additionally, maintaining consistency in terms of voice and values builds recognition and trust, which will translate to an authentic brand personality over time.

How to incorporate your brand's personality into TikTok ads

When you are getting started with TikTok ads, there are many ways to incorporate your unique personality:

  1. Reflect your brand's core personality traits and values in the content. You can do this by identifying what makes your brand unique and showcasing your brand's mission and the values it stands for, while also ensuring that your personality shines through in all elements of your TikTok ads. This is something that can be hard to achieve, but this is why support from a TikTok ads agency can help you cut away a lot of the extraneous components to see how your personality engages customers.
  2. Focus on fun and engaging content . Rather than just attempting to stay relevant, you need to align your brand with its personality through jokes, skits, or trending challenges, but only if they match your brand's core components.
  3. Stay true to your brand's authentic voice. Lots of businesses try to chase trends on TikTok. You should always stick to your true tone of voice, and understand and express your brand's unique values. This will result in TikTok ads that feel genuine and resonate with users on a deeper level. You should never try to be something that your brand is not.

How you can represent your brand effectively on TikTok

In addition to understanding your brand, you can also benefit from the following methods:

  1. Choose the right "face" to speak to your target demographic. People on TikTok connect with people, not brands, so having an authentic human representative is vital. You can use fans or customers who are already extolling the virtues of your brand, but you can also partner up with the right influencer or social media creator, or pick a staff member who is just plain hilarious!
  2. Utilise TikTok's creation tools such as stitch, green screen, and voiceovers that can make your content more engaging and interactive. Fun effects can make videos more entertaining but be wary of adding too much to the mix.
  3. Keep it short. The optimal video length for TikTok content is between nine and 15 seconds. Keep the content fast-paced and punchy to match the platform's energy, and hook viewers within the first few seconds with an attention-grabbing opening.

Also, don't forget to optimise for discoverability, for example, by using relevant hashtags and incorporating trending music and sounds. Additionally, track all the metrics to gauge your success including comments, shares, views, and clicks. When you analyse which types of content perform best, double down on these and consistently post new videos, as this will keep your audience engaged.

By incorporating your brand's unique personality, values, and voice into your TikTok ads, you can create content that will resonate with users. TikTok is a platform that offers a massive opportunity to connect with younger audiences in a fun and creative way. In a climate where you must make an impression quickly, authenticity in your personality and values is key to engaging, connecting, and building trust, which will turn people into advocates for your business.

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