Getting customers

New sales leads are the lifeblood of many businesses. To successfully generate them, you'll need to actively prospect for marketing leads.

Getting customers - overview

Getting customers: how to prospect for business leads, encourage referrals, identify hot prospects, win back old customers and attract new ones.

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How to win back old customers

How to win back old customers. Lapsed customers may need an incentive to return but with the right approach they can become loyal customers again.

A telephone marketing team on the phone calling clients

Telephone marketing

Many businesses use telephone marketing to communicate with customers. Any firm that sells direct usually handles enquiries and orders over the phone.

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How do you market an expensive item?

There are no quick tricks when it comes to selling expensive products. But with the right marketing you could seriously improve your sales.

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Sell solutions, not benefits

Benefits often prevent a salesperson from engaging with the real motivations of the buyer. In fact benefits are no more than an abstract idea.

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Ten tips for approaching cold leads

Cold leads are difficult to convert into buyers. So how do you approach a cold lead to give yourself the best chance of making a sale?

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