Small business news - August 2022

A man dreams of starting his own business

Most UK workers dream of being their own boss

New research has found that as many as 85% of UK workers want to start their own business one day and many believe a side hustle is the first step...

Date: 13 July 2022 By:

Entrepreneurs monitoring the increasing business costs they face

One in four UK firms fear for their survival

Almost a quarter of UK business leaders are worried that their company may not survive this financial year due to the cost of living crisis...

Date: 5 July 2022 By:

Management team discussing growth plans

SME growth plans stall without funding

A poll of small business owners has found that seven in ten firms with growth plans say they won't be able to achieve their objectives without an injection of finance...

Date: 7 June 2022 By:

A women is interviewed for a job

Small business vacancies reach new high

As the number of small business job vacancies soars above 500,000, a new study has investigated what small business owners are looking for in their next employee...

Date: 24 May 2022 By:

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