How a Microsoft Dynamics consultant can boost your business


Date: 19 October 2021

Cloud ERP and CRM services with Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables you to control and automate a wide range of business activities, boosting your company's productivity. Want to learn more? Read on.

It's often difficult to run a successful business without professional support. This is especially true when implementing tech solutions. A competent consultant can analyse your company's strategy, review your current procedures, and suggest improvements that will increase their performance. Working with a consulting service provider may assist you in ensuring that you are making the best use of all available tools.

Most companies now implement a variety of ERP and CRM systems to automate business processes, boost profits, and to communicate and collaborate effortlessly with customers. One such system is Microsoft Dynamics. It's a platform that brings together a range of business-related software, including CRM and ERP, Office collaboration tools, Power BI business analytics, and Azure cloud services.

There are a number of advantages that can be achieved by implementing Microsoft Dynamics solutions:

  • reasonable software costs
  • unified information environment (all business data is stored in the cloud)
  • automation of business processes
  • excellent scalability, configuration, and customisation options
  • easy-to-use interface
  • accessible from any device and browser
  • excellent support - including frequent updates and access to an extensive knowledge base

Despite the clear benefits of MS Dynamics, organisations must seek the help of a trained professional and hire MS Dynamics consultant to ensure successful integration of the system. The consultant will share his unbiased opinion and develop an ERP and CRM implementation strategy so that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

A Microsoft Dynamics consultant is a specialist who sets up, installs, and expands the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform's modules to meet your specific business requirements. As a rule, this person will have a technical background and knowledge of ERP/CRM systems functionality.

What are the responsibilities of a Microsoft Dynamics consultant?

A Microsoft Dynamics consultant can provide a wide range of services to meet your business needs. The types of services offered will vary depending on the specialist's experience and specific areas of expertise. One expert might have significant experience in the creation and development of architecture while another might specialise in branding or financial analysis. As a result, we recommend that you look for a consultant who can address your company's specific needs.

Here are the primary responsibilities of an MS Dynamics consultant:

  • consulting throughout the initial stages of a project and the creation of a roadmap
  • identification of essential project requirements, including functionality, performance, optimisation, technical and deployment aspects
  • integration of MS Dynamics software according to the business requirements
  • development and maintenance of the Microsoft Dynamics system
  • control of all processes related to MS software: configuration, reports, settings, dashboard, web resources, etc
  • interaction with potential or regular customers to gain a deeper understanding of the company's needs
  • demonstration of the system's capabilities to customers
  • conducting a thorough analysis of business processes
  • testing the platform's overall performance
  • software bug fixes
  • maintaining the code repository and managing regular backups
  • developing a design solution that meets the requirements of the business
  • creating technical specifications for upcoming work so a Dynamics developer can implement additional features
  • evaluation of completed tasks and time management
  • customisation of the Microsoft Dynamics system: development of plugins, web resources, custom reports and dashboards, and integration with third-party services
  • cooperation with the company's managers to put business ideas into action

These are the core tasks that MS Dynamics consultants can handle. As you can see, it is a diverse role requiring expertise in a number of fields, including programming, business intelligence, UI/UX design, etc.  Depending on your specific business needs, the scope and type of work may change.

Where can you hire an MS Dynamics consultant?

Once you have concluded that your company needs someone who can integrate ERP and CRM systems successfully and efficiently, the next step is to find someone who can do it. The following are some of the most widely used search sources:

  • freelancer websites such as Upwork
  • job-search websites like
  • specialized recruiting agencies
  • outsourcing companies that offer MS Dynamics services
  • LinkedIn

You can recruit a Microsoft Dynamics consultant from just about anywhere as the work can be carried out remotely. The rate you will pay can vary widely as the table below show.

Microsoft Dynamics Consultant Average Salary


Annual rate

Hourly rate

The US



The UK


















We used data from ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor,, PayScale, and DOU to determine the average salary of Microsoft Dynamics consultants in these various countries.


An MS Dynamics consultant can put your business concept into action using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. These skilled experts can help you ensure that the setup is trouble-free and efficient. They can also help quality assure the work of your developers and designer and teach employee how to use the MS Dynamics system.

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