Resource Management Best Practices


Date: 8 April 2022

A resource manager discussed resource allocation

Resource management can be complex and intimidating, mainly because of the multiple processes involved. With proper resource management, you can determine which resources are available and when, gain insights into the demand and capacity your business needs to deliver, prioritise project requests and set the expectations you need to achieve. It also improves communication between resources and project management with team members.

Good resource management like those from Resource Guru, helps prevent unforeseen conflicts and challenges, ensures optimal resource utilisation, promotes transparency, and enhances ROI.

We discuss resource management best practices below.

1. Leverage resource management tools

Implementing resource management tools automates tasks, boosting operational efficiency. Choosing a configurable system ensures regular, accurate, and automatic updates. An automatic resource planning software constantly tracks your demand chain and human supply to give insights into what you need. Good resource management software automatically records time and labour data for easy access, assessment, and analysis.

Centralised, automated tools reduce the overwhelming nature of the work involved in keeping systems running and minimises errors. They also maximise your earning potential, improve revenue, and enhance customer relationships while reducing administration costs linked with outdated systems. Resource management software also increases revenue and helps with resource conflict resolution.

2. Ensure accurate estimation of resources

Resource estimation plays a crucial role in project management. Failure to understand how many employees and how much material you need to finish a task, means working on and completing a project might be impossible. Even after starting a project, you might fail to complete it due to resource shortages.

Acquiring excess resources means they won't be used to realise the project, resulting in waste. This is why it's critical to be as accurate as possible with your forecasts in the planning stage. With appropriate techniques, you can get realistic estimates to ensure efficient resource allocation.

3. Allocate the right resources at the right time

Resource selection and allocation is vital because of its cost implication. Instead of opting for available resources first, aim for the best when allocating resources. Consider distributing your best resources among your projects rather than prioritising one high-value project. This helps you develop a fair talent and resource management process.

Check if low-cost resources are available to do the same tasks without compromising quality. In such cases, reallocate the high-cost resources to other vital tasks where they can be utilised better.

4. Establish a resource management function

Resource management is a crucial part of project management and success. This is why it's essential to allocate sufficient effort and time handling it. With a full-time resource manager role, you can ensure efficient resource management. Consider hiring a knowledgeable, dedicated resource manager who can make intelligent resource management decisions for the success and betterment of your business. This also ensures that resources are utilised effectively while meeting project deadlines.

5. Manage your employee's skills and talent

A resource manager should know each employee's skills, talent, and experience to understand the tasks they can undertake. This makes it easier to utilise their full potential while meeting the project's requirements for resources. This also helps resource managers to overcome resource constraints. For instance, in an environment where teams work on multiple projects simultaneously, you can assign employees from another department to accomplish specific tasks provided they possess corresponding capacity and skills.


Proper resource management is key for timely task completion and the success of your projects. These resource management best practices can ease the process while increasing satisfaction and productivity levels among team members.

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