Five reasons why you should use a dot com website for you business


Date: 1 October 2021

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Whether big or small, most businesses these days rely on some sort of online presence. Customers do more online now, including searching for products, services, ideas, and inspiration.

recent study with US millennials by i2Coalition and DNA has revealed that 79% of consumers consider a business with a domain name and web presence less likely to be fraudulent compared to one that only has a social media presence. They would preferably conduct all transactions via a business website due to the higher trust factor.

Often business leaders and entrepreneurs are uncertain about what to consider when developing a website and many are unfamiliar with the digital particulars of website development, the significance of the selection of the domain and its extension and so forth.

However, these are important aspects that require consideration to build a successful business website that can be marketed well. Especially domain extensions are of paramount importance and contribute highly to the success of a website. This is primarily related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and digital marketing and a reputed SEO agency would provide consultation on this subject.

Human psychology plays a vital role on the internet and first impressions matter significantly when customers make a purchase decision. Visuals are key, but something many neglect is the supremacy of the .com domain for a website. So, before one even thinks about the design of their business website, they need to strategically plan the domain name and extension for the ultimate online success.

Discover the five reasons why you should use a dot com domain name and extension for your business.

1. A dot com domain is better for SEO

The domain extension ‘dot com’ affects the rankings of a website on search engines more than people think. Apparently, search engines trust websites with the domain extension ‘dot com’ more because generally, they have a solid reputation as many big companies have successful and authoritative websites with the .com extension. It is also the oldest domain extension and millions of commercial websites use it especially for international business operations. The reach of every website depends on SEO.

A domain name that is unique but difficult to remember or spell may not be searched for as much and this impacts the search algorithms that rank a website. It is therefore recommended to consider a dot com domain for a business website despite these becoming more difficult to find and more expensive.

Certain web hosts like SeekaHost offer dot com domains from as little as $5.99 so it is worth searching for a domain name in the SeekaPanel.

2. Dot com domains are easy to remember

Whenever people struggle to recall a website name or its extension, they automatically search for a .com website first. This is how this domain extension has influenced people. Major corporations like or started out with a dot com website before they expanded into different countries where they now have a country-specific website with the so-called country code top-level domain (ccTLD) such as .uk, .de and so forth. Therefore, the best starting point for any commercial website is a dot com domain extension.  

3. The reputation of the dot com domain matters

The esteemed reputation of this domain extension is based on the famous and popular websites that use it, and vice versa. The biggest search engines use the .com domain. Even the biggest social media websites use a dot com website. It is the most reputed domain extension worldwide, and it is not tied to any specific region or location, making it a more flexible and accessible website domain name for an international clientele. This is also important for any marketing efforts as a catchy brand name combined with a dot com domain can hugely benefit marketing campaigns. Just think of brands like Booking, anyone will only know it as as that's how it is constantly advertised. Getting the .com domain extension for your website will be the most valuable investment with a massive return in the long term.

4. The dot com domain is trusted by netizens

Choosing a domain name that is preferred by the people who will access and use your website most of the time is crucial. Search engine listings and rankings are important, but the opinion of the website visitors matters just as much when you decide on the domain extension. Picking the one that is trusted most by netizens all around the world can impact the popularity of a website. It is also worth noting that certain extensions can only be used by authorised entities, so the .gov extension is only for government websites for example.

5. Dot com is the oldest domain on the Internet

The dot com domain continues to be the most popular worldwide with over 50% of all websites on the Internet using it as their extension. And it is the oldest domain extension on the internet, with the first-ever .com website being registered in early 1985. In the digital age, there are so many .com websites that have survived for decades despite facing fierce competition and one reason may well be the dot com domain extension. Dot com websites have earned the trust of advertisers, clients, and customers over the years, and are here to stay.

Final thoughts

Wherever you are with your business, whether it is big or small, a start-up or an established venture, getting the business website domain name right can impact business operations online significantly. Plan it well, do your research and find the best domain name possible with a dot com domain extension. It might seem a bit mainstream, but sometimes mainstream is the best option for a successful online presence.

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