How to create an inspired and motivated marketing team


Date: 9 September 2021

Happy and productive marketing team

Marketing is a fast-paced and vibrant field where lots happens every day, making it easy for employees be become overworked, overwhelmed, and uninspired. To ensure this doesn't happen, marketing leaders must ensure that employees are empowered to give their best.

The job of empowering employees rests with leaders and managers. However, if they make team members feel like they are part of something meaningful and contribute to making a significant impact, employees will feel more motivated to give back to the company.

Studies show that employee engagement can affect a business positively and boost everyone's productivity. 20% of employees work better when they are motivated. Individuals should feel that they can approach their leaders comfortably when they feel overloaded with work.

This article will identify a few things that can make workers feel uninspired and what leaders can do to create a motivated workplace.

When do workers feel uninspired?

  • when work is no longer meaningful
  • the team has communication issues
  • workers feel their opinions aren't heard
  • workers feel overwhelmed by work and there is no way out
  • ineffective systems and manual processes like updating, editing, and sharing documents are time-consuming and feel like a waste of time

Equip your team with the right tools 

A marketing team is concerned with creating different promotional content - from designing and conception to writing and forwarding it to the sales departments. They have to stay on their toes at all times.

The marketing team need to create marketing strategies and ensure efficient communication with other departments too. Finally, all the technical, creative, and administrative processes must be appropriately aligned to the finished product.

This is why all team members should have access to productivity tools that allow seamless communication while boosting every individual's productivity. Significant time is often wasted on internal communications and meetings for minor issues. To reduce this wastage, you should implement tools that allow team members to share documents and edit in real-time so everyone is kept up-to-date with progress.

There are numerous marketing OKR tools that your team should have access to, such as:

Involve your employees in the decision making process

To keep your team motivated and delivering results, consider everyone's opinions and suggestions.

For example, when there is a new project, hold meetings and foster the belief that positive results are possible only when everyone works collaboratively. The more you get employees involved in the decision-making process, the more they'll feel the job rests on them. Instead of feeling like they're obligated to finish a task, they will be motivated to accomplish those goals. Conversely, the less you engage with them, the less enthusiastic they will be.

Communication is key

Positive and transparent communication between employees or between leaders and employees is essential. And for effective communication to work, leaders should lead by example.

Communicate business goals and objectives in a timely manner, making it easy for employees to align their work with your expectations. Every member should be aware of the project's vision and the work they need to do to contribute to its successful conclusion.

Hold meetings, update task sheets regularly, and deploy task management tools so employees can share the work they are doing. Additionally, make sure that every individual's hard work, small or big, is recognised.

Encourage self-development

Workers can and do become demotivated and burned out. When this happens, leaders must step up and mentor workers who feel overwhelmed and motivate them to take on the challenge and use it as an opportunity to polish their skills. In addition, leaders who encourage professional growth are likely to inspire employees, making them stay in the job longer.

Leaders should genuinely invest in an employee's well-being – both personal and professional – as it makes an employee feel valued. For example, encourage them to read industry-related news, attend professional conferences, or hold engaging discussions over the web.

In addition, with more learning opportunities, your team members will learn different skills that can equip them to tackle complex challenges. In the long run, it is valuable to the employee and for the company's growth.

When employees know that their leaders are invested in their growth, they will work even harder and show positive results.

Wrapping up

Leaders should know what drives their marketing team. Everyone can stay passionate about work; however, they need a little encouragement from time to time. When things get tough, all they need is someone to inspire them and guide them in the right direction.

A good leader should have a how-to plan in mind to set everyone on the right track.

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