Migrating your ecommerce site - infographic


Date: 3 August 2020

CMS business website concept.

Your website is the public face of your business - especially as increasing numbers of customers have turned to online shopping as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. It's vital that your website looks great, is easy to navigate, loads quickly and delivers the products and information your customers are looking for. If your site isn't performing as well as you want or your customers expect, or you're planning to scale up your business, it could be time to consider migrating your website to a new CMS.

Migrating your website can have a significant impact on both your organic traffic and your rankings, but it can also save you money, increase your site speeds, optimise your site for mobile users and also increase sales and boost turnover. Before moving to a new CMS, it's vital you have a clear plan. This infographic outlines some of the things you'll need to consider when migrating your website.

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