Six big business marketing strategies for small firms


Date: 12 March 2020

The staff at a small business discuss marketing strategies around a meeting table.

Are you looking at ways to improve your marketing strategy? If so, then you should consider how big businesses market their brands.

You might worry that this is going to lead to costs growing out of control. However, you can see benefits without causing your budget to balloon. 

Here are six marketing strategies from big businesses that your small firm could learn from.

1. Outsourcing

Outsourcing refers to using an external company or individual to handle an area of your business operations, when you don’t have the time or skills in-house.

There are a lot of aspects of marketing that can be outsourced, and this could be a huge benefit to your business. It will cut costs compared to hiring permanent staff, and ensure that you still get the expert help you want.

The trick is to find the right outsourcing partner that can help you. Price is a big factor to consider here. You might be tempted to go for the cheapest option, but it’s important that you don’t end up with a service that actually causes you to lose money overall.

2. Automation 

You might also want to consider automation. Automation refers to the process of removing human involvement from key processes. For instance, rather than responding manually to an email, you could set up an automated email response system. This can still be effective, particularly if it is able to help buyers move forward towards a purchase decision.

Automation is also another great way to cut costs in your marketing. There’s plenty of tech and software on the market now that will provide you with this option, regardless of your business budget. 

You do need to be careful here, though. It’s important that you don’t automate too many areas of your marketing campaign. Content creation is a key example here.

With content, it’s important that the quality is there, and you also need to guarantee that your content is going to stand out on the market. That’s just not possible if you are using other people’s ideas. As such, it’s worth investing just a little more time and effort to get this right.

3. Engagement 

You need to make sure that you are engaging with your customers and clients in an effective way. The easiest way to do this is through a social media campaign. However, it’s certainly not the only option, and it can be worth getting a little more creative.

Remember, there are two key goals behind engagement. The first is to ensure that you let customers know that you are offering them value and delivering more than they might expect. The second is to ensure that those customers remember your brand when they need a product or service. 

So, how can you guarantee that this is the case? One option would be to send a gift, which is likely make a great impression on your clients. You need to make sure that the gift in question is personal to them. It should also be something that they want or that they will enjoy.

Finally, if you are clever, you’ll connect it in some way to another part of your marketing campaign. It’s a great way to get a customer or client to make a purchase decision. 

4. Consistency

Ensuring that your brand remains consistent in its appearance and messaging reassures your clients that you pay attention to the smaller details.

So, how do you achieve this? Well, first think about your logo or company name. This should be the same, regardless of what marketing channels you’re using or materials you are sending out. These should have the same font, colour, look and tone of voice.

If you fail to do this, people won’t be able to easily recognize your brand. That’s why you need to make sure that you create word templates for business that look fantastic. 

5. Bigger than it seems

You might believe in your heart that customers want to buy from the underdog. They want to support the little guy who hasn’t seen a lot of success on the market. However, the evidence just does not support this idea.

The reality is that customers want to buy from businesses that have already seen a great deal of success. They want to buy from the brands that are trusted and that they can depend on to deliver what they want. What should you do if your small business doesn’t fit the bill?

The best option is to make your business seem bigger than it actually is. There are a few ways to do this with your marketing campaign. Start with the website - you need to make sure that this is as impressive as possible. It’s worth investing a little more to guarantee that this is the case.

You might also want to think about looking into a virtual office. This will be useful if you don’t actually have office premises and are instead running your company from home

6. Going guerrilla

Finally, let’s think about guerrilla marketing. This essentially means going further than the traditional marketing campaign to create something truly incredible and immersive for clients or customers.

Of course, it could be quite simple. For instance, heading out on the street with a mic could be considered a guerrilla marketing tactic, but it’s not quite what we’re going for here. Instead, you need to think about pushing yourself and your brand further than this. You might want to consider opting to boost your business further than before with an online guerrilla marketing campaign. 

A fantastic example of this was what HBO has recently managed to achieve with WestWorld. The company set up a site for the fictional business within the show. Hidden on the site were secret trailers for the new season of the series. Each time a new trailer was discovered, it generated hype for the show itself.

It’s worth noting that the right guerrilla marketing campaign can generate media attention, which is exactly what you want. 

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