How businesses can use animation for marketing


Date: 2 July 2018

How businesses can use animation for marketingThere is a common misconception that animation is primarily for gaming ads and marketing kids' breakfast cereals. But, this is not the case at all. Businesses in any niche can use animation to market their products and services, and when done well by a reputable firm such as Spiel, animation can be remarkably effective.

Animation is a powerful tool. Most people find animated films very compelling. Here are three ways you can use animation to give your business communications extra oomph.

Next-level product demonstrations

Businesses can use animation to demonstrate their products in a highly realistic way. Rather than asking your sales team to take a product along and do a demo, create a 3-D animation that shows off the product's best features.

Conventional video footage is limited in many ways. For example, a conventional product demonstration video can't cut to a 3-D model of the product's interior. An animation can.

Animations can also put across complex information in a highly accessible way. You can show the client what a project will look like when it's finished - very useful if you are trying to persuade them to buy into the project. After all, imagination and 2-D photos can only do so much.

Make your website 'stickier'

There are billions of websites online, so it is hard to stand out from the crowd. Businesses need to do everything in their power to differentiate their website from their competitors'. One way to do this is by using animated clips.

Animations are entertaining. Small animations help to maintain interest in a web page, which encourages viewers to stick around for a bit longer. It is much cheaper to create a short animation clip illustrating a product or service than it would be to hire a professional film crew. Upload your animations to your website or social media feeds, and enjoy a boost in website engagement.

Add punch to marketing emails

Email newsletters are a tough nut to crack - the failure rate is high. Paragraphs of information won't appeal to most people. You need to do something different to attract their attention and keep them reading.

Animated explainer videos and GIFs are a clever way to impart dry information and inject a sense of humour into your newsletters and emails. People will be far more interested in a new product if there is an animated clip to explain what it does and how it can benefit them.

Just make sure your emails are compatible with mobile devices, and don't hog too much bandwidth when they are downloaded, or it could backfire on you.

Animation is a cost-effective way to present information to clients, whether you are in the B2C or B2B sector. However, you must make sure your animations are targeting the right demographic. For example, funny GIFs appeal to millennials but might not hit the mark with seniors.

With this in mind, check out your competitors and always conduct market research before you spend money on animation marketing.

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