Graphic design trends and predictions for 2023


Date: 21 February 2023

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Graphic designers must keep up to date with the latest trends and popular design approaches if they want to stay on top of their game. Knowing what’s on-trend for any given year is all a part of the ongoing work of a professional designer.

Although some things don’t change much from year to year and good design doesn't date, there are a few trends that will take centre stage in 2023.

What are the likely graphic design trends for 2023?

IBISWorld recently estimated that the graphic design industry is worth around $14.5 billion, with a growth rate of around 2.4% per year. With each new wave of young designers comes fresh ideas. However, those who’ve been in the industry for a while also bring fresh things to the table and may have a better understanding of user experience (UX) design.

To figure out the graphic design trends that will be popular in 2023, we looked at world events, as well as what new and experienced designers are coming up with. Here are the top things to keep an eye on.

1. Green designs

With more people focused on environmental concerns, it makes sense to reflect nature and subtle hues into designs. Even using a green hosting company can help reduce carbon footprint and show customers a business is serious about taking care of the planet.

One way of being a greener designer is to embrace trends such as home working instead of commuting to work. It's estimated that around 25% of all jobs in the United States will be remote this year, so it isn’t surprising that more brands are hiring remote designers to complete tasks.

2. Memes

If you’ve been online for more then a few minutes, you will have noticed that there's a meme for almost any situation that arises. Designers and amateurs are at the ready to come up with a funny take on everything imaginable.

Expect companies to ask for more memes and social media entertainment posts in the next few months. Consumers are hungry for graphical data and inspiration. Brush up your comedic skills to really grab interest and create viral memes.

3. Bold colours

If you look at the interior design industry, you can get some clues about the colours that are likely to show up in digital graphic designs. Bold, bright colours are replacing some of the neutral tones of past years.

Expect to see graphic designers incorporate some of these changes into their work. While websites might still lean heavily on white space and neutral colours, splashes of brilliant orange, blue, red and purple will appear as well.

Accents and calls to action (CTAs) are perfect spots to add bold strokes of colour that grab user attention.

4. Minimal vintage

Last year, we saw vintage designs everywhere. In 2023, the effect is much more subtle. While today’s designs give a nod to retro looks, they still look modern. You’ll see elements of vintage in layouts, fonts and colour palettes.

Don’t expect to immediately notice the vintage elements. They may just seem familiar and comfortable. You’ll notice they are minimalistic and get straight to the point. Layouts and looks that are reminiscent of an era without being outright 70s or 80s styles.

5. Fresh typography

Artistic typography is taking centre stage, with a mix of colour, fonts and spacing that has a unique look and tells a story to the reader. The best way to perfect your typography is to practice your kerning skills. The spacing between letters and words can make a huge impact on the message you send with your type.

6. Futuristic designs

With more artificial intelligence (AI) tools available, designs are taking on a futuristic generative art look. Think the Jetsons meets the metaverse. Computer-generated characters take centre state. Otherworldly backgrounds and settings give designs a unique flair. Although AI design isn't yet perfect, designers are learning to ramp up their creations using these new tools.

Even fonts and logos are taking on a different look with more sans serif fonts appearing and thicker, bolder weights. Pay attention to how well-known brands switch up their designs on social media and their websites to get ideas for your own work and what’s trending.

7. Flared fonts

Also known as flared serifs, the typeface is unique in that it is neither completely sans or completely serif. The stem of the letter is broader and bolder and the bracketed serif emerges and ends on a sharp edge.

Expect to see more logos with a unique look, headlines and poster letters. Some examples of flared serifs include Rudolph, Arpona and Taberna.

8. Expressive artistry

Today’s graphic design combines unique works of art with typography and web design elements. It’s likely the abstract designs currently popular will morph into more expressive elements such as flowers, people and objects.

A new breed of fonts will emerge with expressive artistry combined with futuristic and retro looks. Headlines on websites and printed material become more interesting than ever before.

Pop culture and society impact design

If you want a 'head's up' on emerging trends for next year, pay attention to fashion runways, interior designers and even social media. For example, what are Hollywood stars wearing on the runways? How might the colour combinations they choose appear in web design?

You should also pay attention to hot topics in society, such as living greener or being more inclusive. Expect to see these elements trickle over into graphic designs. There’s no telling where creativity and passion might take the industry in 2023 and beyond.

Copyright 2023. Featured post made possible by Eleanor Hecks, founder and managing editor of Designerly Magazine. She’s also a web design consultant with a focus on customer experience and user interface.

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