Essential tips to save time and money during business trips


Date: 21 June 2022

A businessperson checking his messages on a business trip

Business trips can be an important way of securing new work and contracts for many companies. Anyone who has ever been on a business trip knows that organising it takes time and money: finding and booking somewhere to stay, buying tickets, gathering all the sales materials and so on.

Today we are going to share with you little tips on how to avoid the hassle of business trips and significantly reduce your expenses while you're away.

Choose a mode of transport

During business trips, every minute counts. You need to carefully plan your daily schedule and movement so as not to be late for important meetings. It's not unusual to find that your hotel is a long way from your meeting location. In this situation, many choose to jump in a cab. However, this may not always be convenient or economical.

If you have several meetings, we suggest you choose car rental instead. This can save time and mean you're more mobile in the city. A car rental service from a company like Renty can provides a wide range of cars for every taste and budget. Moreover, some hire services offer rental cars with a driver. The benefit of this is the convenience of not needing to spend time and money on parking and choosing the route. Another big advantage is the high level of comfort and safety guaranteed by the service.

Make a plan

If the upcoming trip promises to be a busy one, you need to make a detailed plan. First, make a note of the main things you need to do and the time you plan to spend on them. Take note of where you're going to eat and rest in your free time. Check reviews in advance, mark them on the map and make a booking to save time and guarantee a table to save hassle. There are a whole host of smartphone apps that can make your life much easier.

First hour rule

Do not make appointments earlier than one hour after your arrival at a destination. Give yourself time to rest and set up for work. The best time to arrive is early in the morning so that you have the rest of the day to fit in your appointments. If your trip involves overseas travel, it's better to have a spare day so that you don't have jetlag.

Minimise luggage

If your business trip is less than five days, leave your suitcase at home and travel light. First, you can save time, because you won't have to wait for your luggage at the airport and second, it will be much easier moving around the city with minimal luggage.

Pack for comfort

In any new place, it is important to feel comfortable, that is, in other words, as if you were at home. For this purpose, think about the items that create comfort for you: your favourite shirt, a travel pillow or simply a hairdryer. These little things can help you avoid stress in a new place and help you concentrate on your work.

We hope that these little tips will help you during your business trip. Good luck!

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