How does website UX impacts conversions and sales?


Date: 31 March 2022

A team work on a revised website UX

As the quality of modern websites increases so does the expectations of website users. If your website is an ecommerce site, you will know that simply offering exclusive goods at a great price is no longer enough to attract clients.

Poor user experience can destroy any chance of making a sale even for the most promising ecommerce projects. If your website suffers from any of the issues below, you should note them in a UX design brief and work with a team of ecommerce experts as soon as possible to rectify these stumbling blocks to making a sale.

A slow website is an abandoned website

No one enjoys waiting - especially online. Internet users are especially impatient and at least 40% of them will leave a website if it does not load within three seconds.

Website loading speed is so important to site user and UX that it is now a major SEO ranking factor.

Hidden CTAs mean lower conversion

The area of a web page that is not visible without scrolling is known as below the fold. The odds of site users noticing information above the fold is 84% higher than it is for the information below the fold. Of course, this area varies from one device to another.

Are you sure your "Call to Action" button is in the right place?

Distraction from conversion

One of the most popular UX design mistakes which can prevent potential clients from converting is a cluttered landing page packed with links and unrelated information. Neatly designed websites, with a landing page focused on a specific action, will prevent visitors leaving, exploring other options or forgetting why they landed on the site in the first place.

A wall of text vs a short video

A short video demonstrating the appearance and functionality of a product or explaining the details of a service is more informative to the majority of website users. Actually, TutorVista - a service specialising in online tutoring - tested the power of videos by switching to them from text only product descriptions and increased their conversion rate by 86%!

Readability of your content

It's impossible to turn all of your content into videos. For a start, this type of presentation might not be accessible to some users. For example, where a site user has limited mobile data and can't load your video.

So, text will still have a place on your website. The copy will only work though if it is clear and compelling. You're unlikely to convert and make a purchase yourself on a website where the copy is poor quality or unclear no matter how much you like the product or service.

Add problems to your UX design brief

If you are concerned about the UX design of your website, take a look at how the aspects mentioned in this article work on your favourite ecommerce websites.

Listing any issues you uncover in your UX design brief will help the experts to specifically address these problems. Remember to define goals and note your expectations for improvement.

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