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Date: 8 September 2021

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Developing a custom application for iOS is not just a whim for businesses these days but a thoughtful and calculated step to boost revenue and brand recognition. Let's discuss why businesses are eager to create applications primarily for iOS devices, how an iOS developer can help your business to achieve its goals, and what skills a well-vetted iOS expert should have to be a real help to your company.

Why choose iOS development over Android?

To begin with, an iOS developer is a programmer who can create new applications, games, or interfaces for Apple devices. And while the debate on whether iOS or Android is better will rumble on, iOS users are busy spending 2.5 times more money on apps compared to Android users.

According to the SensorTower report, in the first half of 2021 Apple's App Store generated $41.5B in consumer spending worldwide, showing 22.1% growth compared to the same period of 2020. This includes premium apps and subscriptions, games, and in-app purchases.

In that same period, Google Play gained approximately $23.4B. If compared, Apple's App Store generated about 1.8 times the revenue made by Google Play.

Source: SensorTower

Apple devices are always positioned as premium tools. By developing applications and targeting iOS users, a business is more likely to secure profits and can be more confident in the solvency of its customers. By hiring an iOS developer to build a custom app for the company, an organisation gains an opportunity to attract a cash-rich audience of buyers, optimise and scale the business up, and stand out against competitors.

By targeting Apple device owners, a company can also save on app development, because there are not that many iOS devices and versions to optimise software for, compared to the variety of Android devices. While a business can reach more users with an Android app, the development cost may result higher than expected because of the optimisation needed.

iOS development is an important asset for businesses that aim to offer goods in an online store, encourage in-app purchases, and target higher-income customers. Applying different ecommerce growth strategies in your app is a great way to boost sales. Moreover, there are several advantages of applications for Apple customers such as greater security, excellent user experience, and flawless performance, which helps establish a strong brand reputation for your business.

Skillset of an experienced iOS developer in a nutshell

When it comes to app development, different operating systems require different approaches and different programming language knowledge. For iOS, the most commonly used are Swift and Objective-C.

In addition to knowing these programming languages, a well-qualified programmer should have the following technical skills:

  • Hands-on knowledge of common iOS libraries, architecture, and design patterns
  • Knowledge of C++/Java
  • Knowledge of scripting programming languages (Ruby, Python)
  • Familiarity with JavaScript, CSS, HTML
  • Experience with Cocoa / Xcode development environment
  • Experience developing and supporting iOS applications of different complexity

Also, the expert should possess non-technical skills including:

  • Knowledge of the App Store policy, development and stylistic design guides, and application release rules
  • Ability to keep their finger on the pulse of constant updates
  • Be a lifetime learner and eager to improve
  • Have a good eye for detail

How can businesses benefit from hiring an iOS app developer?

Nowadays, almost any business, from a start up to a large corporation, wants to have an app to promote its products or services. If the target audience predominantly uses Apple products, it is worth giving preference to iOS development. The potential benefits of building an iOS app include:

  • A large and steady customer base. One of the important benefits of developing an iOS app is that you get a solid customer base who associate iOS products with the latest technology and utmost quality. Therefore, the risk that an iOS user will switch to Android and you lose clients is lower.
  • Quick access to innovation. Apple is always more open to the introduction of new technologies, which means that your business has more opportunities to build a high-end application, promote it, and meet the needs and preferences of users. With an iOS app, a business can have an edge over its competitors.
  • Saves time and money. When it comes to sales, time is money. Since iOS apps are more unified and have fewer device versions to optimise the software for, iOS developer beta testing is less resource hungry and time-consuming than for Android apps. Businesses can save a great deal of time and money on adaptation and testing.

What are iOS developer salary rates worldwide?

The range of iOS development services is quite broad, so the cost to hire iOS developers will depend largely on the expert's qualifications and experience, as well as on the needs of the company.

If you only need a developer for one project, finding a freelance iOS developer can be the most suitable option. On the other hand, if you plan to build several iOS applications, a complex solution for both internal and external needs, or want to provide iOS development services to other businesses in the future, it makes more sense to hire an in-house iOS developer.

Although there's a considerable number of iOS programmers on the market, finding a skilled expert with relevant experience and at an affordable rate in your area can be a daunting task. Annual salary rates for iOS experts with similar levels of knowledge and expertise varies in different countries:

As you can see, there are higher chances of recruiting a top-tier iOS expert by enlarging the potential pool of developers and considering hiring a dedicated programmer remotely.

Final remarks

No matter if your business is a start up or a large-scale corporation, having an app can help you attract new clients, enhance user experience, and turn users into loyal customers and brand advocates. If you want to provide your customers with a convenient option to reach you and purchase your goods and services, leaving competitors behind at the same time, hiring an iOS developer to build a custom solution for your business can help you turn the goals into reality.

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