How to grow your business during the pandemic


Date: 19 November 2020

A sapling grows from a handful of cash

Generating new business by growing your customer base is key to business success. And yes, it can be very challenging at times. Scaling a business is hard as it takes a lot of time, money, energy and resources. This is unlike other investment opportunities that can return growth overnight such as investments in bitcoin through an app like bitcoin era.

You must have a clear idea of the rules and taxes you need to comply with. This will help you to deal with sales and marketing effectively, efficiently, and legally.

Different businesses employ different strategies to target customers and increase conversion rates. This pandemic has affected businesses and companies in different sectors to differing degrees. While some are fighting to survive, others have found new opportunities, markets and customers as a result of the pandemic.

How to grow your business during the pandemic

According to the experts, there are a few factors you must consider in order to grow your business during this pandemic. It's not easy to start and grow a business at the best of times. In the face of this pandemic, it's clear that sufficient funds and powerful strategies are required in order to grow.

With this in mind, here are my tips for how you can grow your business during this pandemic.

1. Use social media

During the pandemic, people have been spending considerably more time on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. You need to understand that your current and potential customers are on social media. You need to understand which social media platforms that use and make sure you have a presence there too and make use of it to grow your business.

Use social media to promote your business and attract new customers. The best part about social media platforms is that it is very cost-effective. Any business, regardless of its size, can and should use social media to target customers.

According to experts, social media can help businesses to improve brand awareness, visibility, and conversion rates.

2. Use email newsletters

This is another strategy to grow your business. One of the biggest advantages of using email newsletters is that you can target customers directly with your marketing messages via email.

Moreover, sending emails highlights the growing trust between you and your customers. This is the main reason many businesses prefer using email newsletters to target customers. And once you are successful in doing so, you can grow your mailing list effectively in the long run.

3. Reward your team when they meet or exceed expectations

When your teammates meet or exceed expectations, you must reward them. Keeping workers happy and satisfied is vital for your business.

Encourage your teammates for a job well done whenever you get the time. Try to avoid unnecessary criticism when someone makes a mistake. The pandemic has caused increased stress and anxiety for many people and this can affect people's work, so look kindly on employees that may be struggling.

Teach employees how they can target customers efficiently. You will reap the rewards in the long term.

4. Work faster and smarter

If you want to grow your business quickly, you and your team need to learn to work faster and more efficiently. Eliminate all the inefficient and time-consuming process and focus on your main objectives and goals.

Wasting time on unproductive tasks will not bring about the desired results and grow. It might sound a cliché, but time is money and is very precious in business. Utilising your time effectively during the pandemic will help you a lot.

5. Increase your business visibility

Increasing the visibility of your brand is the most important factor you need to consider in order to grow your business during the pandemic. 

But the question is: how can you increase your business' visibility? You need to learn about and employ the key search engine optimisation techniques. This will help increase your business' ranking on the search engine results page giving you greater visibility, more traffic and higher rates of conversion.

The growth of ecommerce during lockdown and the increasing time your potential customers are spending online make this pandemic the best time to grow your online business. Even traditional businesses are converting online because of the benefits it offers.

6. Focus on relevant customers

It is obvious that in order to grow you need to focus on customers. But remember you need to focus on your target customers, because it will help you increase your conversion rates.

Understand your customer's needs and develop products and services to meet those needs. This will help to grow your business by grabbing your customer's attention, satisfying their needs and increasing your chance of turning them into loyal, repeat customers.

Final thoughts

While this pandemic has undoubtedly presented unprecedented challenges, it could also be the best time for your business to grow. Following the instructions above will help you create a powerful strategy with your teammates. Implementing this strategy will give your business the best chances for growth helping your business become even more successful.

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