Five tips for a high converting landing page


Date: 19 November 2020

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Marketing is crucial for any business and brand. But there is a right way to market to your audience in order to see success. That audience needs to be customers that convert when they land on your website. If you aren't converting the traffic to your site, you won't grow. Here are five tips to increase your conversion rates.

Clear value proposition

When you're trying to increase the conversion rate of users on your landing page, you want to prioritise your value proposition. This is part of your ad or marketing campaign that creates value for your audience or market. Perhaps you are showcasing or highlighting a problem and your product or service is the solution. Creating that value encourages interaction with your audience and increases the likelihood that they will become customers of your business.

Call to action

Another important aspect of a high converting landing page is having a clear call to action. A call to action is provided to the users or visitors at the initial entry point. This can be a purchase or sign up button located on an ad that directs users to the intended page. Having a clear call to action on your posts or advertisements allows your target market to have that direct interaction without obstacles or challenges. A lack of a call to action can also mean visitors to your pages or sites have no clear objective and leave your site without interacting with it.

Maintain focus to increase conversions

Your landing pages should be designed with a specific objective in mind. If your call to action is sales, the landing page customers are directed to should be the product or service page that is specifically tailored to them. SEO and marketing experts from Excite Media acknowledge that your landing page should not simply be a link to your site unless your call to action or marketing objective is to increase traffic.

Your product page should highlight the most important facts your site visitor needs in order to make their purchasing decision. Keep things simple, and your engagement and conversion will follow.

Visual experience

Human beings are visual creatures. As much as success can be generated from ad copy and text, your marketing campaign visuals and on-site visuals can provide that extra impact that resonates with viewers. Images are static, but videos can provide greater benefits as they can convey more information to customers. This also helps increase engagement. Your videos can relay important information regarding your company or product that is crucial in a fast-paced and competitive market.

Social proof

Social proof refers to the real-world impact that your product, service, and company have. This can come in a variety of forms, from testimonials and reviews to comments and interactions on social media platforms. Having these interactions out there will help your business and pages as customers and consumers will be more likely to trust you as a brand that develops relationships with their community. Trust is a key factor in business, and it translates to conversions.

It is better to have 10,000 quality, loyal customers than it is to have 1 million fans of your business. Conversion is key to success, and for any company to grow, you have to prioritise converting visitors to customers.

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