Top five ways to improve the quality of your content


Date: 14 April 2020

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Content marketing has always been an integral part of every digital marketing strategy. Businesses both large and small leverage the power of content marketing to build their brand and reach new customers.

Due to rising competition, every business is busy creating content, but we have entered an era of 'content overload'. Here are the top five ways to improve the quality of your content and defeat your competitors:

1. Write compelling headlines

Headlines are the most important part of your content. It can either attract or deter potential customers.

Headlines are the first thing your target audience sees in the organic search results. People won't click on your article if the headline isn't engaging.

Your headline should reflect what the readers can expect in your content. At the same time, it should generate curiosity in their mind, so they click on your web page.

CoolTechZone does a great job in this "VPN for Netflix" article.

The title reads, "10 best VPNs for Netflix that work in all countries". It solves the universal problem for searchers who are looking for a VPN in any country. When you solve users problems and this is reflected in your article title it's bound to generate more clicks and shares.

Follow copywriting techniques when writing a headline as it is all about writing attention-grabbing statements that persuade the people to take action. The best way to prepare compelling headlines is to include the reason why people should click on your content.

2. Make your content scannable

Most people don't have the time to read each and every word in your article. Therefore, it is essential to make your content scannable. It will help your readers find the information they want quickly and improve the overall readability of your content.

One of the best ways to make your content scannable is by breaking it into compelling subheadings. It will keep your visitors hooked and wanting more.

Another way to make your content scannable is by using lists (numbered or bulleted), wherever possible. This makes it easier for readers to scan your content. People who spend more time on your site are more likely to convert.

3. Add visuals to make your content interesting

Don't forget the visuals! Make sure that you incorporate relevant images, graphics, and charts into your content. Use stock photography or use a platform like Canva to add text to graphics or photographs.

Visuals are easy to understand. Content that contains quality imagery will be read by more people. Without images, your blog post will look boring and dull. You can even make the pictures on your website unique by adding your logo or brand name. This will help people to remember your business.

4. Review content that needs updating

You should never forget the older blog posts on your site. Content that isn't updated gradually loses its value leading to a drop in rankings.

Hence, it is important to analyze all the pages on your site that need a content upgrade. That's where analytics tools, such as Finteza, come into the picture. Finteza allows you to find both high and low-converting pages on your website. All you need to do is build funnels across all the pages and enable tracking of all actions performed by the user. Finteza will then generate real-time reports, making it easier for you to find pages that need improvement. You can view traffic losses, bounce rate, and session duration for each page on your website.

5. Deliver what you promise

Avoid preparing irrelevant content. Relevancy is one of the ranking factors used by Google. Content that is full of fluff and not related to the main topic will be ignored by search engines.

Write content that focuses on the subject line. Don't emphasize concepts that are not essential to your main subject. Make sure you keep your paragraphs short for easy scanning. Use language that your customer recognises.

Check the readability score of your content using tools like Grammarly. Aim for a score above 65 for improved readability. If your content is easy to read, it will be understood by most people, resulting in higher shares and mentions.

Final thoughts

People read your content for a reason. Don't just create content because your SEO agency has asked you to add a blog post each month. Every piece of content on your website should solve a problem. Make your content the best on the web. Follow the five guidelines suggested in this article to improve the quality of your existing content for higher organic rankings, more leads, and maximum conversions.

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