Alternative ways to showcase your business ethics


Date: 2 December 2019

Happy staff work in a morally principled office and refer to the code of ethics.In a survey reported by Medium, 38% of employees ranked "ethical standards" as the most or second-most crucial workplace attribute. Therefore, the onus is on you, as a business owner, to not only set high ethical standards, but maintain them, in the process fostering a purposeful, principled workplace.

The top hundred most ethical companies outperform their competitors by 300% in stock price, claims the Society for Human Resource Management. How could you effectively pursue those companies' values in ways other than the obvious? Here are some suggestions...

Model and reward ethical behaviour

While these might actually seem like relatively straightforward ways of showcasing ethical behaviour and encouraging more of the same, you might remain none the wiser as to all of the ways you could do both. It can all start with creating a code of ethics to which your company can regularly refer.

That code can prove a useful reference point when, for example, you hire new staff or decide who should be prioritised for promotions.

Maintain a blog that illustrates your values

While regularly communicating your inspiring message through emails and meetings is important, it might not always come across as the most subtle way of promoting your values. At the same time, though, failing to regularly promote them risks your staff slipping up in an ethical sense.

You could heed the example of software developer Adobe, which regularly shares heart-warming stories about its staff on its blog, showing the kind of examples for other workers to follow.

Ask your workers to write a personal code of ethics

While there are naturally laws and compliance regulations which many employees are obliged to follow, these rules are aimed at ensnaring larger transgressions, meaning that smaller mistakes from an ethical standpoint can too easily slip through the net.

This situation is a strong incentive to ask your employees to compile their own code, indicating what they would never do and how they would react to particular unethical situations in the workplace, such as sexual harassment and pressure to falsify reports.

Maintain great customer service after each sale

Once you have secured a sale, you shouldn't just abandon watching out for that customer's needs. In a 2019 article, Patricia Lotich recalls when a deal she closed went "from one of the best service experiences I'd ever had to one of the worst" as a result.

However, keeping up the quality of customer service after a sale is how you stand out, grow a loyal customer base and, crucially, show that you aren't just paying lip service to great customer service.

Look after yourself so that you can look after your employees

As the saying goes, you can't pour from an empty cup. Business News Daily reveals that not slacking on your sleep and nutrition can help to give you the happy and contented attitude that encourages the same in your recruits.

Implementing a wellness scheme like the Employee Assistance Programme from LifeWorks, meanwhile, is a more direct way of encouraging this.

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