Four key display advertising trends for 2019 - infographic


Date: 28 May 2019

Image alt text:	Two colleagues discuss their latest display advertising designs and plan a campaign.Display ads continue to thrive in Europe, with total ad spend predicted to hit $17.3 billion across France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, growing by 14.7% since 2018. Despite this growth, however, many marketers struggle with the format.

To support those working with display advertising, advertising technology provider Bannerflow has revealed the four trends marketers should be concentrating on in 2019.

1. In-banner video

In-banner video has been one of the format's biggest successes over the past few years. The technique of using video within a banner ad to grab user attention has been proven to increase CTR by an incredible 18.4%.

If you need inspiration when creating these types of ads, look no further than the following three industries, who are leading the way with in-banner video :

· telecoms - 27.2% impression share of video banners;

· online gaming - 7.2%;

· travel and hotel - 6.4%.

2. Dynamic creative

Dynamic creative refers to personalised display advertising which delivers a tailored message to individuals depending on their demographic information - location, time zone, age, gender and so on.

Whilst this relevancy factor can greatly increase the chances of users taking an interest in our advertising, only 17.3% of display advertising served last year used dynamic data feeds. Given how important personalisation is to the modern consumer, this is very low, and we can expect to see that number rise considerably in 2019.

3. Mobile

We’re spending more and more time on our mobile devices, meaning advertisers need to be prepared to think of this as the primary format in which to create their ad specs. 55.2% of weekend ad impressions happen on mobile, dropping to 45.5% during the week.

Weekend campaigns now need to be focused on delivering mobile-optimised content, and we will see this be put into practice far more heavily in 2019.

4. Unusual banner sizes

Deciding on the display ad size and format to feature your content in has always been a key consideration for marketers carrying out this activity.

Whilst the most popular sizes will evoke no surprises and will continue to be heavily used, it’s how marketers utilise the less popular options which can provide an advantage.

Savvy usage in this department can cause your cost per mille (CPM) to drop, since competition is lower for less common sizes.

Visualising the trends

Head of insights at Bannerflow, Antonia Lindmark, commented on these trends:

“Display advertising continues to be a strong weapon in online marketers' arsenals, in terms of raising awareness and getting customers to discover their website. Featuring fresh statistics and expert, our infographic highlights the biggest trends affecting European display advertising in 2019."

Take a look at the infographic below:

Display Advertising Trends 2019
Provided by Bannerflow

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