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Date: 9 April 2019

A professional photographer checks his camera equipment before taking photographsBritain's total combined retail industry is valued somewhere in the region of £358 billion. But a whopping 83% of all purchases still occur by way of a traditional retailer. Online stores account for a comparatively modest 7% of total annual retail sales.

But if it's true to say that shopping online can be cheaper, quicker and significantly more convenient, why are millions still taking their business to the High Street?

For many, it's simply a case of preferring to physically inspect and handle the goods on offer, before going ahead and purchasing them. A preference that underlines the enormous importance of professional packshot photography for the ecommerce enterprise.

More than just pretty pictures

Professional packshot photography is about more than just filling your website with pretty pictures. Ecommerce business owners worldwide hire product photographers to provide their customers with an all-round snapshot of the products they are selling. Customer can't inspect products by hand when making an online purchase, so they need to see exactly what's on offer and in as much detail as possible.

Time and time again, research has demonstrated the capacity of quality product photography to significantly improve conversion rates. Simply by presenting your products in a favourable light, you're able to drive more sales and reduce cart abandonment rates.

The question being - what can you do to drive better conversion rates through quality photography? Or more importantly, what are the benefits of professional packshot photography for any ecommerce enterprise?

Provide high-resolution product photos

For one thing, it's likely that a sizeable proportion of visitors to your website will want to examine your products in fine detail. This means zooming in to enlarge their features, which necessitates the highest-resolution images possible. If your products are presented with a blurry and uninspiring image at maximum zoom, it's unlikely to paint a positive picture of your business or your products.

Flawless, consistent product images

Ideally, your primary packshot and product images should be presented in a manner that creates a sense of consistency and familiarity. If you're planning on shooting a bunch of products from a slightly elevated angle at a specific distance, ensure you do the same for all of your products. The more inconsistent your product pages and images, the more amateurish your website appears.

Quality 360-degree product photography

360-degree product photography is becoming an everyday expectation among discerning online shoppers worldwide. It's up to you to ensure all aspects of the product can be viewed from every important angle. This can be achieved in the form of interactive imagery or 360-degree product photos and explainer videos.

Complete colour accuracy

Colour inaccuracies are among the most common complaints and reasons for product returns in the ecommerce sector. Unless you provide a 100% accurate depiction of your products online, you can't expect the buyer to be completely satisfied with the end result. Professional packshot photography can ensure the accuracy of your imagery is consistent at all times.

Image backgrounds and context

Last but not least, a professional product photography service may prove helpful in selecting the most appropriate backgrounds and the general context for your packshots. Minimalist white backgrounds are effective in some instances, though it can also develop a more impactful message when a product is shown in context. Along with the quality of the images themselves, the context and creativity of their presentation can help drive conversion rates.

Remember the value and emphasis placed by customers on the physical inspection of a product prior to purchase. By presenting your products in as much detail as possible, you stand every chance of driving up sales and reducing cart abandonment rates.

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