Let your logo speak a thousand words

By: Marketing Donut

Date: 3 June 2009

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’  is a saying that we have all heard many times before. It is an old Chinese proverb which means that a single image can be far more influential and expressive if crafted and designed properly with a vivid concept behind it.

The symbol, or in this instance, your business logo, conveys the message of a thousand words to customers old and new. This is why businesses whether huge, medium or small, always get their corporate image or logos designed in the best possible manner to create a unique identity in the minds of their existing and potential customers/clients. This is where logo design companies come into play.

I shall focus on logo designs for small business owners as big businesses can afford to spend fortunes on hiring a top notch designer or commandeering a glitzy ad agency to look after their entire marketing and branding regime. The humble  small business owner needs to be very prudent in allocating their budget when it comes to having a logo for its business – So online logo design companies are the most appropriate and affordable option for them.

Why logo design companies? A reputable logo design company is:

  • Affordable
  • Professional
  • Experienced
  • Supportive 24/7
  • Fully equipped with a bunch of tried and tested designers.

Remember! You as a small business owner need to make intelligent decisions in order to survive and move up the ladder in this critical economic recession. But that doesn’t mean you should get entrapped by amateur freelancers offering graphic design services at cheap prices. You get for what you pay for in most cases and considering your logo could be someone’s first encounter of your business, trust me you do not want to end up with an awful logo design which will only hurt your business.

Do some research; ask fellow small business owners what approach they took, if there is a logo out there that you like find out the story behind it and when you have your perfect logo, let it speak a thousand words about your business.

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