Writing a press release

Two simple principles produce a good press release: the subject has to be interesting and relevant; and you have to present it in the right way.

Writing a press release - overview

Journalists want to see a compelling story backed up by facts and figures before they give you coverage. How to make your press release stand out.

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Sample press release templates

Do you have a good news story to share about your business? If you need to write a press release, these downloadable templates might help.

Someone is writing a press release

Writing a press release FAQs

12 FAQs explaining how to write a press release that meets your objectives and stands out because of its headline, picture and quotes

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How to create press and media coverage

Discover the four key ways that you can get press and media coverage - PR is a great way for small businesses to raise their profile and get noticed.

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How to put together a press release

Want to attract some free publicity for your small business? Then having a good press release is a must. Charles Rapson explains how to write one.

Writing a press release

Writing a press release - checklist

Use this checklist to help you write an effective press release, including how to structure it, what you need to include and what format to use.