How to use face-to-face networking to help your business grow; meet new contacts, make a great impression and forge long-term business relationships.

Networking - overview

How to improve your networking skills, make new contacts, promote your business in person and create word-of-mouth recommendations.

Team members mingle and chat in a team networking event

Create a team networking culture

Good networking generates sales leads and contacts who can help you develop your business. But how do you get your employees to network effectively?

Charlie Lawson, head of BNI

How to overcome networking nerves

Even seasoned networkers get butterflies when they walk into a room full of people. Charlie Lawson advises on how to overcome your networking fears.

Graffity saying 'Who are you?'

Make the right impression when networking

Making the right impression when networking can have a powerful, positive impact cement the reputation of you and your business and ultimately make more sales.

Businesswomen making connections at a networking event

The power of networking

Networking is a business and personal marketing tool that will deliver your overall business and marketing strategy. Lay your foundations for success.

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