How to attract the best Generation Z recruits

22 August 2018

How to attract the best Generation Z recruitsPost-millennial Generation Z employees value workplace perks more than any other age group, according to new research.

A study of 2,315 UK workers carried out by Perkbox has found that Generation Z workers - those born between the mid-1990's and 2000 - value workplace benefits more than any other age group.

The findings show that 36% of post-millennials say workplace perks are one of the most important deciding factors on whether to accept a new job.

The top three most popular workplace perks among Generation Z workers include simple benefits, such as receiving a day's annual leave on your birthday (86%), followed by free hot drinks (85%) and flexi-hours (83%).

In fact, post-millennials are the group most likely to prefer smaller perks that they can enjoy on a more frequent basis, over one annual event, such as a Christmas party.

Free lunches (82%) and private healthcare and private dental care (both 80%) came in fourth and fifth place in the list of Generation Z's top ten workplace perks.

Meanwhile, millennials - aged between 24 and 37 - are keener to receive perks that are likely to further their careers, such as training, than any other age group, with almost half (47%) prioritising this.

Chieu Cao, cmo and co-founder at Perkbox, said: "Employees do deserve to be awarded perks from time to time. When working hard for a company, it's important that employers do give a little back and let their workforce know how valued they are.

"The second wave of Generation Z graduates are entering the workplace for the very first time this year. Therefore, it's critical that employers offer the benefits Gen Z crave in order to attract and retain the very best talent from this demographic."

Cao added: "It's good news for employers that Gen Z value simple perks the most. Wherever possible, employers should have workforce benefits in place, especially as they cost so little ... Yet the ROI for employers investing in these types of workplace benefits would be substantial [in terms of] increased productivity and motivation."


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