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Rachel Miller



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I am a freelance business journalist and the editor of Marketing Donut. I write articles, blogs and case studies, all aimed at small firms that want to understand how marketing can help them succeed and grow. I also write about the latest news stories that affect small businesses in the UK.

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Is your website driving people away?

Are you doing enough to attract people to your website?... ...

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Jumping through hoops for public sector work

Have you ever tried to bid for a public sector contract? If you have, I'll bet you've never had to wade through so much red tape and jump through so many hoops in your entire life. ...

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What are the lessons of Marketing_Guy-gate?

If you’ve been following the Donuts on Twitter this week, you’ll have witnessed a fascinating exchange between our very own Rory MccGwire (CEO of BHP, publishers of the Donuts) and a marketing consultant called Nigel Copley (aka @Marketing_Guy). ...