Marketing recruitment and management

Your company's sales function requires you to make critical staffing decisions. The smaller the firm, the fewer resources to manage under-achievers.

Multiple marketing folders with 'TRAINING PLAN' written on a yellow folder

Developing a marketing training plan

A marketing training plan sets out what your training needs are and how you will meet them, and will help you get the most out of your budget.

Man speaking to his marketing employees in a meeting room and managing them

Managing marketing employees

As a business owner you have a vital role in leading the marketing effort and maximising the effectiveness of your sales and marketing team.

Diverse group of male and female business people

Marketing and sales recruitment

Marketing and sales recruitment is a vital part of building a solid marketing and sales team that can move your business to the next level.

Staff supervise an online training course

Marketing and sales training

Marketing and sales training can deliver significant business benefits. Training your employees helps boost sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Filing cabinet files with one labeled job description

Marketing job description

How to write an effective marketing job description, outlining the key elements of the job and the knowledge, skills and attitude you're looking for.

A sales team celebrate a big new contract sale

Q&A: Sharpen up your sales force

Andy Preston of sales performance training company Outstanding Results explains how training can help you improve the performance of your sales team.

Line up of seated male and female business people visible from the neck down

Recruiting the right salespeople

Good salespeople are a major asset, because they deliver sales, yet finding them can be very hard. Learn how to find and recruit them.

Should you pay for an intern? - Photocopier

Should you pay for an intern?

For business owners in need of an extra pair of hands, the prospect of cheap, or even free, labour, can be very enticing. But what does the law say?