Your brand is one of your greatest assets. It's not just your logo, slogan and design scheme, but your customers' total experience of your business.

Branding - overview

No idea whether your business needs a brand? The basics of how to create a valuable brand and how to exploit it for business advantage.

Creating a brand for your business

Creating a brand

How to build a strong brand identity for your business that meets the needs of your customers and persuades them to choose your firm over your competitors


Four ways to improve your brand equity

What is your brand worth and how can you increase its value? Shweta Jhajharia of the London Coaching Group shares tips for increasing brand equity.

Person building a sign saying 'BRAND'

How to create a brand - checklist

A memorable brand can reinforce your identity and encourage customer loyalty. But there's a lot more to a lasting brand than a well-designed logo.

Blue computer keyboard with register a trademark written on a red key

How to register a trade mark

If a trademark is to be registered, whether a word, logo, shape, sound or smell, it must be represented graphically on the application form

Brand written on a board

Why do small businesses need a brand?

If you are a small firm, you could be forgiven for thinking that branding is not important for small businesses, but this perception is wrong.

A marketing team work on a business rebrand

How to rebrand your small business

Rebranding your small business can give it new impetus especially your brand is underperforming. When to rebrand and how to make your new brand a success

Branded website

Protect your brand online

Your brand is potentially under threat in many ways online. Expert Chris Barling provides his eight top tips for safeguarding your business

Employing a designer

Employing a designer

Commissioning a professional graphic designer can ensure that your stationery and marketing collateral impress, but how do you find the right one?

Man in a suit pressing white 'BRAND' sign at the camera

How to build a brand FAQs

Find out how to build a brand for your small business, including creating a logo, registering a trademark and branding on a budget in these handy FAQs.

Graffity saying 'Who are you?'

What's your personal brand?

People don't only have perceptions about products, services and organisations - they also develop perceptions about the people they meet.

Woman holding out a business card towards the camera

How to choose a name for your business

The first thing a customer will notice about your business is its name. Creating the right first impression is essential, but not as easy as it looks.