Marketing plan template

Young marketing team creating their marketing plan in a rustic office

Not sure how to write your marketing plan, or even where to start? This marketing plan template guides you through the key issues you need to cover

What is a marketing plan?

A marketing plan sets out what your marketing goals are and how you will achieve them. Taking time to plan your marketing helps you get the best return on your marketing spend.

What should I include in my marketing plan?

Elements of a good marketing plan include:

  • Your specific marketing goals. For example, target number of new customers or level of repeat business, and deadlines for achieving them.
  • Your market. A clear understanding of who your target customers are and what they want; what the competition offers; and what makes you special.
  • A SWOT analysis looking at your strengths and weaknesses, and the main opportunities and threats for your business.
  • A review of the different marketing channels you could use to reach your customers.
  • A detailed action plan, explaining what marketing activities you will carry out, what they will cost and what you expect to achieve.

Free marketing plan template

Our marketing plan outline shows you exactly what to include. Download the free marketing plan template and customise it to create your own marketing plan.

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