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Luan Wise

About the company

Luan Wise is a chartered marketer and fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (FCIM), with more than 15 years’ experience in agency, client-side and consultancy roles. She has worked across a variety of sectors including office supplies, postal services, recruitment, higher education, and professional services – for household names such as Royal Mail, Hilton and University of Cambridge to the kinds of companies that are big in their field but unknown to the wider world.

As a consultant, Luan works with business owners, managers and marketing teams to audit, train and provide support on how to make their marketing more effective.

About Luan Wise

Luan is author of the award-winning book 'Relax! It's Only Social Media' and creator of the 'Social Media Planner', listed by the Independent as one of the '9 best books for entrepreneurs'.

Luan was recognised as one of the top five female marketers in the UK for the #LinkedInBestConnected social campaign in 2015. She was subsequently invited to audition as a course instructor for LinkedIn's online learning platform and has produced seven courses to date. She is also an accredited trainer for Facebook's #shemeansbusiness campaign with Enterprise Nation.


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