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About the company

All you need to know about marketing from one of the most respected gurus, best-selling author and copywriter Drayton Bird, of whom legend David Ogilvy said: “He knows more about direct marketing than anybody else in the world”.

About Drayton Bird

The Chartered Institute of Marketing named him, with others such as Tom Peters, Ted Levitt and Philip Kotler, one of the 50 individuals who have shaped modern marketing. As one advertising agency head commented: “Drayton doesn’t just teach. He inspires you.”

He was the leading trainer for Ogilvy & Mather direct worldwide, later creating and conducting a special training course for American Express senior executives. He was named Teacher of the Year by the UK Institute of Direct Marketing.

Over the years he has spoken in 50 countries. He has written three bestselling books, including Commonsense Direct and Digital Marketing, now translated into 17 languages and widely accepted as THE textbook on the subject.

He founded his own agency, sold it, sat on the worldwide board of the Ogilvy Group, then started all over again. He has worked with many of the world’s greatest brands, including Mercedes, Virgin, Visa, Amex, Ford, IBM, Microsoft and Cisco, and countless small businesses. He still writes, amuses, inspires, teaches and speaks all over the world.


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