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Angela Nyman

Bright Interactive

Chief Marketing Officer

Bright Interactive

About the company

Bright Interactive is an established software development company. Our product Asset Bank helps brand managers and marketers all over the world organise, control and share their digital assets. We work with over 700 clients including IKEA, ITV, Coca-Cola, and The Rolling Stones

About Angela Nyman

A results and data driven yet creative marketer with extensive expertise in all aspects of marketing, including branding, communication, building and scaling teams, mentoring, lead generation, digital and funnel marketing. 14+ years of marketing and cross cultural management. I am a part of the organisation London Tech Advocates and I have been involved in the London tech and start-up scene for the last few years. Previous jobs include setting up the EMEA strategy and scaling the marketing team at Stack Overflow as Global Marketing Director and establishing The World Poker Tour in Europe.