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Andrew McMillan

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About the company

Sword Charteris is a business and IT consultancy with practices in the retail, government, services and financial sectors. 'Customer-centricity' consulting focuses on reviewing and streamlining processes to ensure organisations offer the best service at a minimal cost. Customer experience consulting helps organisations to define and shape their internal culture and externally reflect that to deliver a differentiated level of service through their people.

About Andrew McMillan

Andrew spent most of his career at John Lewis, starting as a management trainee, and subsequently held a number of operational trading roles across several branches, culminating in running the furniture floor at Oxford Street. He then moved to head office and spent three years working as an internal consultant, reviewing competitors' activity across product, environment and service to provide the directors with a view on John Lewis' strengths and weaknesses. For his last eight years Andrew was responsible for customer service across the department store division and focused on delivering a consistent level of service across the shops that became synonymous with the brand. During that time John Lewis won awards from Which?, Verdict and Retail Week. Since moving into consultancy, Andrew has supported both small and large organisations in the government, financial, service and retail sectors in developing differentiation in their customer service.


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